Jamaican Rasta Flag* G-Shocks

rasta rastafarian g-shock 2012 jamaica ga110rf-9_g001rf-9_gd100rf-4_g7900rf-1
Collectors should take a good look at this series – chances are that these colorful watches are going to be a very limited production run and therefore highly collectible. (August 22, 2012 – there has been phenomenal interest worldwide in this series as has been indicated in this site’s metrics)

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G001RF-9JF g-001rf-9jf g-shock april 2012 rastafarian

G001RF-9JF G-Shock April 2012, 13,000 Yen

g001rf-9 g-shock Rastafarian Jamaican Jason shades of gray grey charlie sheen

G-7900RF-1 Jamaica Rastafarian April 2012 g-shock

Rastafarian G-7900RF-1JF G-Shock, 13,000 Yen

Rastafarian G-Shock GA-110RF-9A April 2012 ga110rf-9a

Rastafarian G-Shock GA-110RF-9A April 2012, recommended as collectible

GA110RF-9A Retail price – 15,000 Yen (Approx. $185 USD)

GD-100RF-4 g-shock april 2012 rasta

Rastafarian G-Shock GD-100RF-4JF, April 2012, 13,000 Yen

rastafarian_g-shock rasta ga110rf g001rf g7900rf

Rastafarian G-Shock

Note: None of these watches feature solar or atomic capabilities.

*Note: Jamaica’s flag does not include red. Their Naval Ensign flag, does though. Jamaica does not have a Navy. Jamaica’s Coastguard uses the Naval Ensign. Rasta flags (adopted from the Ethiopian flag) do include red, but are unofficial. The black represents hardship and the red represents blood shed in the protection of national integrity (of Ethiopia, to which the Rasta movement identifies). Jeez, kinda bleak, eh? Just thought you might want to know..

Watchtanaka has posted an excellent video of the G7900RF-1 in high resolution. Enjoy!

Another great video from watchtanaka.com features the Rasta-Jason

The ever-popular GA110 series gets an addition that will certainly please collectors – watchtanaka.com shows us just how great this new watch looks up close.

And for the budget minded G-Shock buyers, here is a super-close look a the new GD100RF-4

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