The Color of Mud

mudman_gulfman GW-9110ER-2JF GW-9300ER-5JF april 2012 g-shock
Sporting distinctive new colorways, the new Men in Military Colors watches are a welcome and practical addition to the mondo-tough mix in the Master of G catalog. The new MUDMAN, in particular, is especially suited to not only the harsh conditions of the military environment, but, color wise, blends perfectly with the ubiquitous mud and sand in the training camps and battlegrounds that the troops often occupy.

Mudman GW-9300ER-5JF g-shock april 2012 men military colors khaki

Mudman GW-9300ER-5JF G-Shock, 36,000 Yen

MUDMAN – Mud Colorway

As part of the “Men in Military Colors” series, this new Mudman is actually an alternative khaki colorway of the GW-9300-1. These newer versions of the venerable Master of G Mudman family feature the dual sensor technology for temperature and compass functions. Also, to round out the toughness factor, they include carbon fiber layered into the band and case and mud/dust resistant buttons. The expected array of features, stopwatch (with split) with a 1,000 hour capacity, 24 hour countdown timer, world time, moon data, alarms, auto calendar and auto backlight are there – plus this watch features atomic timekeeping and solar recharging. Price, 36,000 Yen

GW-9110ER-2 gw9110er-2 g-shock gulfman april 2012 master of g, men military colors

Gulfman GW-9110ER-2JF G-Shock, 28,000 Yen

GULFMAN – Navy Colorway

The Gulfman models have evolved as the Master of G tide and moon graph specialty timepieces. This new version is enhanced with Atomic and Solar features. Its’ stopwatch (with split) and countdown timer are 24 hour. Price, 28,000 Yen

This blogger also expects these bold colorways to be a limited production run which should make these watches prime targets for collectors.

Thanks to we get a wonderfully close look at the MudMan

.. the new GulfMan

.. the new RiseMan

.. and the new FrogMan

The above videos can be watched full screen at a resolution of 1080p. Check it out, it’s pretty amazing!

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