protrek prw-2500b-3jf prw2500b-3 casio camaflage

Casio is rolling a new military-ish colorway PRW2500 that will appeal to guys that need their gear to be (mostly) non-reflective. The triple sensor, dual layer, solar, atomic movement – with rotating bezel is familiar technology.

protrek_prw2500b-3 casio camo new may 2012

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As an all digital watch, its packed with all the expected features: world time, alarms, timer, stopwatch, moon and tide graph, 12/24 hour display, battery indicator and auto-backlight. Again, Casio has introduced a welcome addition to its highly functional and practical ProTrek product line.


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One response to “CAMO PROTREK PRW2500B-3

  1. Jim

    Non reflective, except for the glass that could blind someone on a sunny day. I don’t think it has any ani reflective coating and there’s certainly no anti reflective filter for it. Not very stealthy unlress you cover it with gloves or wear it towards ther palm like any other watch

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