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Jamaican Rasta Flag* G-Shocks

rasta rastafarian g-shock 2012 jamaica ga110rf-9_g001rf-9_gd100rf-4_g7900rf-1
Collectors should take a good look at this series – chances are that these colorful watches are going to be a very limited production run and therefore highly collectible. (August 22, 2012 – there has been phenomenal interest worldwide in this series as has been indicated in this site’s metrics) Continue reading


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New G-Shocks Spring-Summer 2012 ..oh, what fun!

ga-150_g-shock frogman breezy military rastafarian
In the often used category of “woah..didn’t see that one coming,” Casio has leaked it’s new spring dealer catalog and it is packed with new colorway versions of its popular models and even some brand new watches that widen their ani-digi offerings. Continue reading


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