Dark Knight & Bane X Diesel

batman, diesel, 2012 limited edition, sba, bane, dark knight rises,Batman checks the time on his new self-commemorating limited edition watch and decides it’s time to knock off the crime-fighting for the night, go home, get the armor off, get into his special edition jammies and sit back with the latest issue of Field and Stream.

batman, diesel, 2012 limited edition, sba, bane, dark knight rises, dzwb0001,

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Batman – Dark Knight Rises
Limited edition available (pre-order for November 2012 release) at Watchismo.
Case Size: 45.4 mm x 56.5 mm
Case Thickness: 10.25 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Movement: Chronograph – VD55/JP
Water Resistant: 5 ATM
Packaging: Diesel Watch Box
Warranty: 2 Year International
Price: $350 USD
Watchismo says, “This SBA (Super Bad Ass) style features a blackened stainless steel case with hidden under-bezel LED lamps that light the dial in a powerful glow. Industrial designed rubber strap emulates the Batsuit.” Wrist Watch Spot says, “cool watch, good investment!”

zazzle batman twisted innocence graphic dark knight rises 2012

Batman has more logos than Coke

diesel_bane_sba_watch dark knight rises batman limited special edition

Even really bad guys can get their own watch.. Yes, this is the official limited edition “Bane” Super Bad Ass Diesel.

diesel dark knight bane watch caseback
batman bane dark knight special edition watch diesel package

chuck Taylor bane evil sneakers high top special limited edition

Bane on Chucks

dark knight warm-up hoodie graffiti style street batman
batman tag tee zazzle dope

lots of dope batman stuff at Zazzle

daniel_reese_brassmonki painted sneakers special order

Bruce goes to the park for a pick-up game on Saturday Mornings.
Being monstrously competitive, he always wins.

dark knight underwear underpants panties batman tighty blackies

Is this too weird to publish in a watch blog?

batman, dark knight 2012 diesel special edition watch

Will the real Batman please stand up?


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2 responses to “Dark Knight & Bane X Diesel

  1. Pelephan Pelephone

    I want to buy a diesel bane.if you have please contact to pelephan789@gmail.com.I really so thanks

  2. Pelephan Pelephone

    I want to buy a diesel watches a “SBA”bane how I do?i’m from vietnam

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