Movado – beyond the dot

movado dress watch timepiece dress fashion
You have to admit, when Movado steps outside their self-imposed box (the Bauhous inspired one large dot at the top, with no hour markers, aka “Museum Watch”),

they drop some really beautiful products. Pictured here are a few that impressed this blogger enough to post them as great spring gift ideas for dads and grads. Classy enough to impress anyone, these watches are all reasonably priced, have a reputation for durability, and defy fashion obsolescence. At the Joma site, I found that some huge price reductions are being applied – the prices below reflect those discounts.
movado, class, fashion, dress timepiece watch chronograph joma
0606545 $ 525
0606576 $ 564
3600097 $ 417
0606570 $ 427
0606688 $ 764
joma movado seiko citizen quality dress fashion bargain dads grads
joma movado seiko citizen joma dress fashion quality  bargain dads grads
Movado’s standard use of high-grade stainless steel, sapphire crystals, genuine leathers, and water-resistance to 100 feet, put their products in a higher-than-average quality level. The company has been producing watches continuously since 1881, all the while winning a couple hundred design awards and an admirable reputation for rock-solid service. And, their Swiss quartz, European build, and two year warranty should make you feel all warm and fuzzy when buying and giving these elegant timepieces.
dress fashion quality movado casio swiss  reputation
movado dress watch timepiece elegance quality durability

movado, circa, swiss, sapphire, 0606545, 0606576, new, timepiece, wrist watch, reputation

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