GW-A1000 Aviation Series G-Shock

g-shock-gwa1000-aviation. sky cockpit gwa1030 watch series

The introduction of three new watches in the GW-A1000 (GWA1000) series triples the color options of these more than competent timepieces for owners who desire G-Shock, but upscale. Majorly upscale.

Some Background..
Casio’s most popular G-Shock products are in the $60 to $120 price range and are about fashion = size, features, and colors – a (youthful) culture thing and a lot of wrist decoration for the fashion-conscious or nerdy or sports-fan or special-feature-attracted wearer. But these G-Shock owners, for the most part, are not aware of the many pricier model line-ups that can boast about special features, certain combinations of which are exclusive to Casio watches – and this despite the fact that Casio is the most boisterous of all watch makers ie their sponsorship, non-stop press releasing, special-interest internet reporting, the-whole-world-circling flamboyant promotional tours and events exploding with snowboarding, bicycle tricks shows, Formula One racing, rock and rap music concerts, surfing-beach parties, and the like. Stores that sell the watches in big numbers don’t bother showing G-Shocks above $150 on their showroom shelves. But the GW-A1000 series, not at all a pocket-change decision to purchase at around $500 USD, is already gaining traction as a watch to check out, on the internet (cause the stores ain’t got ’em) and consider for that next way-dope body-accessory acquisition. The GW-A1000 watches are extraordinary and the world is taking notice.

g-shock_gw-a1030a-1a anniversary sky cockpit haze 2013 special limited editionGW-A1030A-1A Aviation G-Shock
Special Limited Edition
30th Anniversary Commemorative G-Shock

Commemorating their 30th anniversary, they are issuing another special limited edition unit that will become collectible and should appreciate in value. The unique details are; the colorway is a blend of a lot of black and a little yellow markings and gold buttons, commemorativly engraved keeper and buckle and the specially engraved watch back. The watch comes in a collectible presentation, mini-trunk inside a nicely branded box. If you are a collector, this is a good one to grab.
gw-a1030a-1ajr_g-shock 30th anniversary collectibleg-shock_gw-a1030a-1a commemorative anniversary special limited edition 2012 2013g-shock_gw-a1030a-1a limited edition special anniversary collectible investment watch

GW-A1000FC-2AJR Navy Blue Aviator
Casio is the classic learn-by-doing kind of company. What separates them from the rest of the pack is that they do a lot more doing – hence, they develop loads of learning opportunities than all the other watch companies. For instance, they have seen the navy-blue and black style has been popular and the GW-A1000 watches are selling above projections, that to release a navy-blue with black GW-A1000 makes sense. So, that’s what we have here next. This blogger’s take on it is: well conceived mature design (that, nevertheless, can be a challenge to dress and accessorize around) on a killer hi-tech (notwithstanding the enormous learning curve required to launch and benefit from the well control-embedded complications) thoroughly modern wrist bangle. The band is an upgrade, also, metal embedded resin with a one-button release clasp. Again, a somewhat collectible model since it is a limited production colorway, it’s a sound investment.
gw-a1000fc-2a_g-shock navy blue special limited edition

This watch is another one almost the same as the other one except that the (5000 yen upgrade) band is a combination of resin and metal which releases via a one-button clasp.
gw-a1000fc-1a_g-shock gwa1000fc-1a new better best flagship

Special thanks to for the excellent video clips of these watches.

And, oh.. we don’t know which of these will make it out of Japan. Even if they are announced in the USA maket place, they may prove to be elusive.

new_g-shock_aviation gwa1000 new model

gwa1000d_g-shock big picture aviation sky cockpit


But if you can’t live without this super-tech marvel on your arm, and you can afford the high-cheddar ticket of $600, then you can have your wish come true! has them (GWA1000D-1A flagship with the stainless metal band with button release clasp) in stock and can ship right away.

Ariel Adams recently posted this informative video about the GWA1000 watch on YouTube. Please visit his site, – it’s excellent!

g-sviation_catalog gwa3500 gwa 4000

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2 responses to “GW-A1000 Aviation Series G-Shock

  1. Is there any gshock shop in new zealand

  2. Adam Le Fevre

    Hi Guys.
    I’m very keen on the GW-A1030A-1A Aviation G-ShockSpecial Limited Edition30th Anniversary Commemorative G-Shock. can you please provide me the price and availability?

    Kind regards.

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