Eric Haze X G-Shock 30th Anniversary

eric haze ga110-eh-8a g-shock anniversary

Again, Eric Haze has joined up with G-Shock for both a collaboration and to design the logo and packaging graphics commorating G-Shock’s 30th anniversary. Jump

Collectors are going to love the opportunities that this wave of new products in their flashy colors and bold street style present. There are six models so far with the anniversary designation and all of them will sell out fast, become rare in short order – values will soar.

haze x ga110eh-8a g-shock anniversary

click to enlarge

The GA110EH-8A (pictured here) is a top prospect for investment. It has the look – white body and strap, red details, black contrasting highlights , strong iconic package art and a very attractive MSRP. If you are reading this and don’t make an effort to get in on this, let me go ahead in advance and say, “I told you so!”ga110eh-8a eric haze_x_g-shock special limited edition anniversary

Also, as an art collector and investor, I’d like to point out that Haze’s fine art serigraphs (S-ISM) at $600 are a great buy. Chenck them out at Tell them I sent you (but don’t expect a discount).

eric_haze_video_special editions limited

risiing_red_g-shock 2012 special edition eric haze 30th anniversary watches has posted the following video that shows the watch up-close from every angle. if you change the resolution settings to 720 or 1080 and expand to full screen you’ll get a fantastic view.

September 8, 2012 UPDATE: This post announces the ..JR model which means it has been released in Japan. If you want one there a load of listings for them on eBay – the price currently hovers from $420 to $500 and all are shipping from Japan.

UPDATE September 24, 2012
Casio announced today that the GA110EH-8A will be released in the USA in October 2012 for $150 at Macy’s, Independent Jewelers, fashion boutiques, and

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy this guy. Here’s some more footage..

ga110eh-8a_haze_g-shock1 eric collaboration anniversary tag collectible watch

Click on the pic to enlarge

haze-x-g-shock eric collaborations new 2012 collectible watches

Several of Haze’s collaborations
Click to view in HD

eric_haze_g-shock_2012 collaboration collectible watch anniversary limited edition

Fine art tag man, Eric Haze with his box
Click to see in HD

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