Bluetooth G-Shock – March Release

bluetooth_g-shock gb6900-1 -4 -7
After multiple concept versions, press releases, and trade show sneak peeks, Casio is finally going to ship their Bluetooth watch in the Japanese market.

The inclusion of three colorways in the 6900 form factor offers a little variety to demanding smart phone consumers.

GB-6900-4JF G-Shock Bluetooth

GB-6900-4JF Bluetooth G-Shock

GB-6900-1JF Bluetooth G-Shock

GB-6900-1JF Bluetooth G-Shock

GB-6900-7JF Bluetooth G-Shock

GB-6900-7JF Bluetooth G-Shock

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Some of the regular features that you normally see on G-Shock watches are present: world time, alarms, full auto calendar, 12/24 hour time, countdown timer, backlight, and extreme water and shock resistance. The special smart phone features enabled by the “Low Energy Bluetooth” technology are the time that the phone is set to can be obtained by the watch allowing you to adjust to it, the phone will alert of an incoming call or e-mail, and the user can mute the phone:s vibration by tapping on the watch’s crystal.

The announcement, however, does not indicate with which smart phones the GB-6900 watches will be compatible. It is not clear how the prospective end-users of this expensive, specialized product will procure and implement it – Casio’s normal sales channels are not service-oriented phone vendors. Perhaps someone from Casio could leave a comment below to let us know which phone to buy to properly accessorize our cool new Bluetooth G-Shocks.

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