Pebble-iciously smart

pebble_bluetooth watch smartwatch smart
Other than a few comments, I’ll leave the description of product to the company spokesman.

Click the video below for an eye-opening look at the future of smarter utility wrist watches – wearable technology.

One amazing thing about this product development and introduction is how all the other companies let it happen right under their noses. I mean, really? G-Shock has a Bluetooth watch that’s the lamest clunker in the world of plastic. Sony has finally released their SmartWatch, which is somewhat slick, but it has a rubbish strap. The Nano on a band is hopelessly old tech and all that junk coming out of China and Korea has yet to garner a tiny fraction of the market. I don’t get it.

The power of kickstarter – I bet they are all over there going, “whoa, dude! That’s a lot of pledges! We should have a party.” And my question, which makes me a little crazy – why set the system to stop taking pledges? Seems to me that if they could collect over ten million dollars so fast, who’s to say another twenty million wouldn’t roll in once the word got around?

And another question pops up – how are the Allerta (Pebble) guys going to get 100,000 of these things built by September. My bet is their hiring right now. “Ah, hello, is this Rubberstrap Company? Yeah? Well I’m looking for a hundred thousand custom straps by August – um, yeah this August, not 2013.. um, yeah, custom – how about I send you a picture..”

So, anyway.. check out the watch at kickstarter and see what all the hub-bub is about.

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