Sony SmartWatch 2012 CES

Sony SmartWatch 2012
Here is a new watch, soon to hit the market, that will give you the features you really wanted on your wrist. Once you have checked out the video, I suspect you’ll be as excited as I am.

Here is another video from CES 2012 that covers a lot of the features on the Sony Smartphone

Covering additional features, the following video gives us another demonstrator’s take and a third (band) colorway.

And, finally, Sony’s presentation by Ericsson representatives – this is cool, check it out

Wow, talk about raising the bar. Casio has been trumped before even selling their first BlueTooth watch, which, truth to tell, probably won’t be released in the United States for another year because the watch isn’t compatible with any of the phones here yet. Casio has been toying with us over this technology for over a year, so far. Lots of talk – but no watch.

Also, one has to wonder why Apple didn’t have this sort of device ready to go for the iPhone. The SmartWatch looks so much like an Nano that this blogger expects to hear (from Boy Genius, no doubt) about some form-factor infringement litigation from Apple v. Sony.

According to one Sony representative the SmartWatch should be available in the first quarter and the retail price will be $149. Amazing!

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