Getting There From Here

tech4o timex casio freestyle pyle woolrich compass watchYou are in unfamiliar territory, your maps don’t seem to be much help, and there’s no one in sight to point you toward a landmark. Knowing that going in the right direction will save the day, you wish you had a compass. Here’s a group of watches that will point you in the correct direction and they are all so cheap that there’s no excuse not to buy one to leave in the car, strap to your bike, hang on your backpack, or wear on your wrist when you go on a trip into the great unknown. This is one blogger that constantly needs directional help and believes the compass feature is nearly as important as any other on a watch.

Tech4o Northstar – Compass/Watch (CW1)
_tech4o_cw-1_ Tech4o cw1 sport compass watch
Keep your hiking and biking adventures on course with the Tech4O Northstar CW1 compass watch. The watch–which is sophisticated enough to entice professionals and adventurers but intuitive enough to please scouts and weekend warriors–tracks your bearing on its digital display, making it easy to determine your path. The compass is also outfitted with several other navigational features, including 16 directional indicators, 1-degree bearing increments, a bearing lock, a reverse bearing, easy calibration, an adjustable declination, and electromagnetic distortion warnings. The Northstar CW1 is more than just a compass, however, with a backlit display that shows the time, date, and day, along with a stopwatch function and a low battery indicator. Water-resistant to 30 feet, the watch carries a one-year warranty ( Product Description)

On sale for only $27. including shipping, this watch is the ultimate bargain. Get one and leave it in the glove compartment of your car for those occasions when you need to get back on course and knowing which way is north will make the difference.

Tech4o Northstar – Compass/Watch (CW2 )
_tech4o_cw-2_ tech4o CW2 compass watch sport multifunction timer alarm
For only a few dollars more ($36) you can get the upgraded version, the CV-2″ with a reversed-out display housed in a black stainless-steel case. The compass is outfitted with several navigational features, including 16 directional indicators, 1-degree bearing increments, a bearing lock, a reverse bearing, easy calibration, an adjustable declination, and electromagnetic distortion warnings. The Northstar CW2 is no slouch as a timekeeper, either, with dual-zone time modes, a date and day-of-the-week display, and a stopwatch. Other details include backlighting with a three-second display, a low battery indicator, and water-resistance to 150 feet. The Northstar CW2 carries a one-year warranty.

The Tech4o watches will be mistaken for G-Shocks by your (wrist watch) admirers since the similarities are so blatant – chunky style, lots of writing on the face and bezel, integrated resin type band and buttons all around the case. The next watch has a different look, but is appropriately inexpensive in this group

Tech4o Northstar – Compass/Watch (CW3 )
_tech4o_cw-3_ Tech4o CW3 dress sport compass watch
Combining classic analog styling with advanced digital compass technology, the watch is an ideal choice for adventurers. The compass is outfitted with several navigational features–including a 16-position directional indicator, 1-degree bearing increments, easy calibration, an adjustable declination, and electromagnetic distortion warnings–all visible via the hidden LED display. The Northstar CW3 is no slouch as a timekeeper, either, with time, date, and day-of-the-week indicators and water-resistantance to 150 feet. The Tech4o watches all carry a one-year warranty

Casio SGW100-1V Digital Compass Twin Sensor Sport Watch
_casio_SGW100-1V-_ casio compass watch protrek pathfinder sport
For $41. this watch adds some bulk (46mm wide) and a few extra features to the compass-centric theme. It is not a G-Shock or a Protrek/Pathfinder, but it certainly benefits from the feature set and shock / water resistance technologies developed for it’s more expensive counterparts. This watch is outfitted with a temperature display – there’s also world time (29 time zones/48 cities), declination correction, a convenient stopwatch, four daily alarms and one snooze alarm, auto calendar, mineral glass for extra protection against scratching and a buckled resin band.

Timex Expedition Digital Compass Watches
_timex_T77862_ expedition adventure tech compass
Two of many Timex (compass equiped) timepieces are breifly discussed here. The price is right, the features are vast, and the look is rugged and manly. Those who would opt for a Timex would do well to refer to the Timex site for a more in-depth comparison of all the features and cosmetic options.

This $39 watch (model T77862) has so many time features that you forget it is a competent compass. It is a sport watch that is ideal for lap oriented endevors There is a 100 hour chronograph with lap or split in large digits, It is a large watch (45mm). Stainless steel top ring for a stylish look, All day reflector display, leather and polypropylene strap, Water resistance to 100m, Indiglo night light for low light conditions. There are more features and you can read about them in myriad online reviews – this model has been in continuous production for over a decade

Timex T42761 Expedition Adventure Tech Digital Compass Watch
_timex_T42761_ timex expedition adventure tech compass watch
The 40mm case is made of resin, and the digital face is prominently embellished with contrasting digital numerals. The bezel is adorned with directional coordinates to accompany the compass feature. The watch comes equipped with a rugged leather band and a durable buckle clasp. Additional components include the three-alarm feature and the Indiglo night light. Exercise devotees will appreciate the chronograph split and lap options, as well as the hydration alarm. This watch usually sells for around $35 to $40.

Pyle PSWTM34 Sports Track Watch with Digital Compass, Chronograph, Pacer, Countdown Timer
_Pyle_PSWTM34_ pyle compass watch sport
It includes a compass, 100 hr. chronograph, adjustable bpm beeping pacer, and countdown timer. At $26. including shipping, this is an excellent bargain. Available in blue or black.

Pyle Sports PAW1 Outdoor Digital Watch with Altimeter, Compass, Stop Watch, Barometer and Perpetual Calendar
_Pyle_PAW1_ pyle compass watch abc sport
This upscale Pyle Sportts watch is only $42 and has an impressive feature set. It’s equipped with an altimeter, compass, stop watch with 30 lap memories and average lap calculation, barometer, and perpetual calendar. Get the current altitude to a resolution of 0.5m or 1 ft and the current/average speed of ascent. Always know which way you’re heading with the electronic compass equipped with magnetic distortion alert. Time events with the precision stop watch, providing resolution down to one-hundredth of a second up to 10 hours long. Measure pressure and forecast the weather with the built-in barometer. And always stay on top of the time and date with the clock, perpetual calendar and 12/24 hour display.

Laurens L086J901Y Compass Watch
_Laurens_L086J901Y_ laurens compass watch sport multifunction
This Laurens keeps track of your training time as well as your fitness level. It features basic chronograph timing features (with one alarm) and accurate pacemaker. The watch case and rubber strap fits comfortably around your wrist for an improved fit and quicker reading of the time. Other features include dual time, hourly chime, one-touch backlighting, and water resistance to 50 meters At for $33 including shipping and available in all black model number L086J900Y

Freestyle FS81277 Navigator Polyurethane Strap Watch
_freestyle_FS81277_ Freestyle compass watch, cheap sport multifunction digital
With its digital compass, night vision, and more, the Freestyle Midsize Navigator Polyurethane Strap Watch will be your trusty guide wherever you go. Designed for men and women, this striking silver and black timepiece holds up to your active lifestyle with its durable plastic case, stainless steel bezel, and polyurethane strap with Free Fit Technology for a comfortable fit. Framed by a silver-tone compass bezel, the round black dial has a digital display and extensive functions, including a NightVision backlight, a date calendar, two alarms, a countdown heat timer, dual time, and a 30-lap memory chronograph. Featuring quartz movement, this Freestyle unisex watch is water resistant to 330 feet. It sells for around $50.

Woolrich Digital Compass
_woolrich_dakota_ mini compass clock timer alarm carabiner
This last entry is not a wrist worn watch, but more of a small clip-on multifunction clock. It is only $25. The display is especially large and with the carabiner style loop it can be quickly attached to a belt loop, backpack for easy access. it tells you the time in 12- or 24-hour format and also serves as electronic compass, timer, chronograph, and alarm. Digital quartz movement. Moonglow E.L. dial light. Splash resistant. Case is 3″ L x 2″ W. It is available in grey or blue.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”
Dr. Seuss

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