G-Shocks – New January 2012

g-shock awg-m100-1ajf awg-m100a-1ajf
Casio has slipped a couple of watches into their January press release – new versions of their AWG-100 line. Logically following their success in the analog – digital products, these watches are semi-premium pieces featuring solar charging and multi-band atomic timekeeping in addition to the many features we’re used to seeing in the G-Shock line: the stopwatch feature is limited to sixty minutes and the countdown timer to one hundred minutes – world time (with DST), five alarms, battery saving (with digital indicator), full auto calendar, switchable 12/24 hour display and off-switchable sound are standard on both watches.


G-Shock AWG-M100-1AJF

Also, a fully automatic amber LED backlight with afterglow makes the timepieces readable with no fumbling for buttons in the dark. The AWG-M100-1AJF has a brushed finish stainless bezel with positive digital sub-dials and on the AWG-M100A-1AJF the bezel is blue with negative digital sub-dials.

G-Shock AWG-M100A-1AJF

The bands are resin, the crystal is mineral, shock resistance is standard G-Shock and the WR is rated to 660 feet. Though not particularly popping in the fashion side and not so wowing in size (at 46mm wide), these new models are rock-steady performers for those people who need function but not fashion flash. Priced at 22,500 Yen (equivalent to about $325 USD) for the Japanese model, these watches are not cheap – but if they make it into the US catalog, they probably will be a little lower priced.


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