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Dense Dials – Pilots, Outdoorsmen, Divers

BN2029-01E_citizen diver eco-zillawatch aqualand promaster eco drive

New in the Citizen lineup introduced at the last Baselworld, the ISO certified BN2029-01E is a brute of a watch that is a competent auto start 70m depth meter that will recall the maximum depth and with a rapid ascent alarm. Continue reading


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Citizen – New Paradigm in Design

citizen JW0010-52E JW0097-54E BY0005-01E BR0120-07A
We adore complications. It’s not enough these days to review plain and simple time-day-date watches. Today’s wrist watch wearer expects more functionality in the strap-to-the-arm trade off and specifically things that address time, body and environment information while “on the fly.” When we jog, we can’t stop and fish around in a pocket or fanny-pack for our iPhone. People don’t take their Androids on long treks, bike hikes, skateboarding, swimming, spelunking, climbing, or surfing. In meetings it’s ignorant to pull out and start flicking around the screen of a Blackberry. Nothing beats the convenience of a wrist watch. With a quick glance (stealthfully in that meeting) the wearer can know, at the least, what time it is and if the watch has more features, so can the wearer know other relevant things.
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