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Fall ’14 – Camo Fashion Sports G-Shock

g-shock_gls-8900cm sports watches blue red gray camouflage

G-Lide GLS-8900CM Camouflage G-Shock – Winter 2014
g-shock_gls-8900cm camo camouflage watch blue red grayNow comes another wave of camouflage patterned digital watches from G-Shock. These new colorways add to the wide selection of GLS-8900 products that are designed to appeal to sports fashion oriented buyers that can benefit from the dual stopwatch feature, tide data, and –20ºC low temperature resistance that these watches provide.
Other features, such as auto “super illuminator,” world time, full auto calendar, and two year battery life expectancy continue to keep the watch a strong value in todays market.
Now, it might occur to you that the features are a little discordant – in what situation would one need low temperature resistance and surfing (tide) information at the same time? But for that one time that such a combination would occur (I, for the life of me, have not yet come up with one), you would have to smile and think, “what amazing insight these guys have!” Continue reading


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Not Your Pop’s Diver

deep blue watches protac 1000m diver
It was some years back that the big diver watches began to be a darling of the industry. Some would say that the introduction of the Seiko SKX779, the so-called “Black Monster” was the milestone event that solidly glued the category in place. So practical, useful, durable and masculine was the black dial watch that when it’s fiery iteration, the “Orange Monster” followed it onto the market, the pair became (and is still) the benchmark of large divers. Continue reading

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