Not Your Pop’s Diver

deep blue watches protac 1000m diver
It was some years back that the big diver watches began to be a darling of the industry. Some would say that the introduction of the Seiko SKX779, the so-called “Black Monster” was the milestone event that solidly glued the category in place. So practical, useful, durable and masculine was the black dial watch that when it’s fiery iteration, the “Orange Monster” followed it onto the market, the pair became (and is still) the benchmark of large divers.

So, here we are, a decade later; the Seiko Monsters are still in production (unchanged) and selling well, while dozens of other manufacturers are cloning and selling big diver watches successfully – and the category has matured considerably.

One of the rival companies, Deep Blue, an American Company based in New York, has captured the essence of the monsters, made a few improvements and offers these competing divers at a price point that will be a temptation for anyone considering purchase of the old stand-by. Deep Blue’s version is not a ringer for the Seiko model, but you can’t help but feel the hearty spirit of the later in the former.

The Deep Blue ProTac Diver 1K watches are available with black, blue, orange, green, and yellow.dials. The over-sized Superluminova hour markings and hands are designed to be read easily in the murky depths that this model is designed for – a shocking 1000 meters (with a manual helium valve, to boot). At a half of a pound, this 46mm X 14mm timepiece is substantial. The fenced bezel rotates, has large numbers and a lumed zero-pip to accommodate countdowns. It’s band is polyurethane, it’s case is 316L stainless steel, and it’s crystal is sapphire – all good stuff. And, ironically, the quartz movement is Seiko.

Deep Blue warranty for all their watches is one year. Note – they will only honor the warranty of watches purchased from their own website or authorized dealers.

Check out Deep Blue’s website where they offer a selection of alternate bands for this model. Since the watch line discussed in this post is their entry level product – you might want to consider other products they offer that feature tritium, GMT, split bezels, chronograph, mother of pearl dials, gold finish, ETA and Myota movements, and freakishly deep water resistance specs.

At only $199. the Deep Blue ProTac Diver watches represent a very good value. These watches don’t just look good, they look expensive.

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