Protrek Limited Editions: Better Bands, Bold Color

Protrek Pathfinder prw5100g prw2000g
Casio announces two upgraded models to go on sale in the Japanese market on July 30, 2011. It’s all about the toughness and versatility of the bands; a new system able to stretch around clothing which improves usability and accuracy of the readouts.

Other benefits are the bold colorways making them more fashionable and increased long term value since these collectible watches are to be released in limited quantities; always a plus with the Casio products. Feature sets are what you expect – Tough Solar, Tough Movement, Atomic, 10 bar, timers, 12/24, alarms, auto light functions, etc. The prices are typically high for the Japanese models: with tax, PRW-5100G around $800 and the PRW-2000G near $720 depending, of course, on the exchange rate. If you want to know more about the technology, go to – Pathfinder Information– where there’s a thorough and understandable description of every feature and benefit on this series.

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