Protrek PRX-2500T-7 & PRW-5100YT-1B

_protrek_PRW-5100YT-1B_ Protrek PRW-5100YT-1BJF prx-2500T-7A
Manaslu, the eighth largest mountain in the world is located in the Nepalese Himalaya range. Since it was first climbed in 1956 by Toshio Imanishi (and Sherpa, Gyalxen Norbu), members of a Japanese expedition, Manaslu has always been considered, iconically, with national pride, to be “their mountain.”

PRX-2500T-7JF – November, 2011 release
Casio’s latest Protrek watch, the PRX-2500T-7JF, nick-named “Manaslu,” is the new “top-of-the-line” model in the Prestige Line and offers more internal technology than the previous Manaslu special edition (PRX-2000).

The new features are a bit inapposite, but that’s never been an issue at Casio. In addition to A,B,C.&T. with “tough solar” and atomic time keeping, in a thin (12.8mm) titanium case, the watch, using dual layer LCD, now sports tide and moon graph readouts – leading this blogger to ponder the targeted market of this marvel of timepiece tech – fishing surfing mountain climbers? At 115,500 Yen (and the inclusion of a nautical chrono), they would have to be wealthy, fishing, surfing, mount climbing, yacht racers! Of course Casio, in it’s collective corporate wisdom knows full well that mostly the watch will sell well to Japanese businessmen who want to project an adventurous image.but will misuse the feature set – countdown timer to keep meetings from running over, barometric pressure to know if they should carry an umbrella for the day, the altimeter to confirm to their co-workers that the 25th floor “break-room” is, indeed, exactly 300 feet above sea level, the compass to help re-navigate the 8 a.m. traffic jamb in downtown Tokyo, and world time to know if it’s too late to call their mom in Taiwan.

But, seriously, this is an amazing watch. To the women of the world; if you can’t think of a killer Christmas present for your dad or husband – here it is, this is the one! You can thank me later.

PRW-5100YT-1BJF – November, 2011 release
Casio slips another colorway into the top tier of their Analogue-Digital PRW-5000-PRW-5100 series with this announcement. As we reported a few months ago with the PRW-5100YT-1JF (see link below) these are magnificent products, appointed on the outside with black IP titanium case, stainless bracelet, sapphire crystal, conservative analog dial with digital panel, markings in orange/red and easy operation via six direct-to-function buttons. The major features include: world time, chrono, timer, A,B,C.& T, programmed calendar, auto led, 12-24 hour display and five alarms. With tough solar, tough movement, cold resistance, 10 bar WR and atomic timekeeping, this model reaffirms Casio’s commitment to durable, self-powering, self-setting, great hi-end products in a variety of fashionable colors and finishes from which the discriminating end-user can select.

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Manaslu image: Ben Tubby, Wiikipedia
Manaslu, from Timang image: Greg Willis, Wiikipedia

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