G-Shock Collectors Alert, 11 10 11

G-shock GRX5600GE-1 G9300GY-1 G8900A-4 mudman jumbo dumbojump for details and links to large pictures
In their on-line store, Casio has added a “pre-order” option to buy the Globe X G-Shock limited edition, GRX5600GE-1. So, kids, here’s your heads-up, get one quick, or wish you did. It’s 140 bucks plus shipping.
Here’s what we like about this watch:
It’s a clean classic design. The buttons are IP black, which makes them almost disappear. Being the original 5600 form factor it does not have a bunch of knubby plastic bumps and grooves – just the square-ish case and simple resin band without painted markings; flat black, military style. The dial is a rich red reverse display. size is roughly 43mm X 13mm. The overall look is masculine, understated and remarkably fashionable.
It has an abundant feature set. Tough Solar powered (always a good thing), Tide Graph with 100 preset beach locations and Moon Age & Phase Data. World time – 48 cities plus UTC using city code display and DST. Stopwatch accurate to 1/100 second with 60 hour capacity, split time and 1st-2nd place times. Four daily alarms and one snooze. Hourly time signal, A countdown timer. Full auto calendar pre-programmed to 2099. 12-24 hour formats.

Also, in the Casio store, they’re back-order selling the limited edition grey G9300GY-1 Mudman. Macy’s website claims to have the watch in stock. Again, this could be a quick sell out. From either vendor it’s $200 plus shipping – oh, ouch..
Blazing Cool Timepiece!
It’s loaded with features, but I’ll stick to the most important ones. This is the new version, so it is fitted with a digital compass and thermometer. It’s Tough Solar powered, has all the alarms, countdown timer, full auto calendar, moon data, world time and full auto EL backlight.
And Looks? Stunning! Flat grey case and band with green-ish markings; semi-military. Be ready for big – it’s 18mm tall and 51mm wide.

Also, at their store, you can pre-order the limited edition Gloss Orange G8900A-4, Jumbo Dumbo. It’s only $110 and a pretty decent investment piece. At almost 53mm wide, It sports the Auto Super Illuminator backlight that flashes with buzzer and Multi-home time features along the standards – world time, stopwatch, alarms and countdown timer. It does not have solar or atomic, it’s the colorway that is special – very sporty casual orange with black dial and gold markings with reverse display. Worth a look!

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GRX5600GE-1 Globe X G-Shock
G9300GY-1 Mudman
G8900A-4 Jumbo Dumbo

As of today, the Globe and the Mudman are sold out. They still list the G8900-4, but I have a feeling it will be gone soon, as well. Sometimes you have to jump on these things as soon as they come up.


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