CLOT X G-Shock DW6900CL-4

clot_2012_g-shock_watch de6900cl-4 collaboration 2012 edison chen kevin poon
CLOT is a fashion design firm based in Hong Kong. Their collaboration with Casio has produced a stunning red jelly-gummy-like DW6900 that was showcased at G-Shock’s 30th anniversary event.
Release of this special edition is expected in October or November 2012.
clot_g-shock_dw6900cl-4 2012 collaboration watch edison chen kevin poon hong kong


This watch is an earlier collaboration
and sold out – now extremely rare

clot_g-shock_2012 collaboration watch 30th anniversary edison chen kevin poon

nike_clot_watch_2012 poon edison chen collaboration

CLOT is extremely green

They have collaborated with all the top footwear brands including Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, and Converse. Their projects have given them a close relationship with the brands, thus guaranteeing Juice, their retail operation in Honk Kong a steady supply of exclusive shoes.
clot_2012_watch_g-shock deal makers street fashion designersclot_dw6900cl_2012 hong kong edison chen kevin poon design fashion street
Their relationships with Disney, Medicom Toy Be@rbrick, Mosley, Home Made, Stussy, and loads of other influential idea-to-money factories is amazing – they’re everywhere, making deals and fortunes.
clot_disney_medicom_toy mickey mouse 3 eyes
Multi-talented Edison Chen and brand-maker Kevin Poon, co-founders of CLOT, brings us some interesting products and if you think some of them come from a very stange and dark place, you are not alone.
clot_g-shock_dw6900_2012 edison chen kevin poon design figurine toy darkclot_gshock_dw6900cl-4 new footwear sneakers kevin poon edison chenclot_juice_watch_2012 fashion skull edison chen kevin poon hoodie new

UPDATE – October 10, 2012 – This watch has been added to the announced releases for October in the Japanese market. The press release (translated and typically garbled) reads as follows: “Since its birth in the year 1983, G-SHOCK evolving pursuit of toughness greet 2013, the 30th anniversary. To celebrate it,, “G-SHOCK × CLOT collaboration model” 2nd Special 30th Anniversary collaboration model appeared. Collaborated with “CLOT” Creator group to lead the street culture of Hong Kong. Represented with a color, “tough”, “cool” let the fusion, the “strength” the red flame red and brand color of “CLOT” and the G-SHOCK, Dragon, which is also designed special packages shoots was. The color red in the case of the skeleton of bands, ranging from spacers front buttons, LCD, EL back-light, I stuck to red to detail. In addition, the CLOT logo is engraved on the back engraved, logo emerges even when the light emitting EL back-light. It is a very special collaboration model that street culture from Asia and the representative of Japan G-SHOCK is a fusion of design also, color and suitable (the year of the dragon) Year of Dragon. ※ CLOT Creator leading street culture of Hong Kong in 2003, was formed and Kevin Poon (Edison Chen), Dj Tommy, our MC Jin is the center Edison Chen, a group of artists. Produce a collaboration items and items with street subculture famous brands at home and abroad, we have gained strong support on a global basis as well as Hong Kong.” Which is to say, if this blogger is getting the message, that this model will be one of those special high value collectibles that will appreciate markedly and is worth going to the trouble to track down and add to your collection. Note from the larger picture that the case and band are translucent without being like a jelly (I know, I know; a distinction without a difference – it must be an Asian thing). Anyway.. here are some more detailed pictures to help you decide if it’s worth the trouble.
g-shock_x_clot_dw6900cl-4 collaboration limited special editiong-shock_x_clot_logo anniversary special limited edition collaboration hong kongg-shock_x_clot_collab limited edition 2012 specialas always, thanks to Casio for the images.
Poll: which will win the race in 2012 – windows 8, android 4.0, or apple iOS


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  1. ezat

    how much for this red jelly?

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