Men in Rescue Red — Red Rescue G-Shock Watches

Gulfman GW9110RD-4, Rangeman GW9400RD-4, Mudman GW9300RD-4 , men in red rescue, The three new watches using this specific colorway are the Gulfman GW9110RD-4 (MSRP ¥ 27,000), the Mudman GW9300RD-4 (MSRP ¥ 23,000)and the Rangeman GW9400RD-4 (MSRP ¥ 48,000) and all are atomic and solar. bullhorn megaphone g-shock rescue red watchesThe Gulfman specializes in tide information, the Mudman has a digital compass, and the Rangeman has the new “triple sensor” technology.

Gulfman GW9110RD-4 men in red rescue gwx5600c-4, ga100b-4.dw6900mf-4,ga100c-4, G7900A-4

Gulfman GW9110RD-4, Rangeman GW9400RD-4,  g-shock watch red ga100b-4

Gulfman GW9110RD-4, Rangeman GW9400RD-4,  red watch g shock

rescue red g-shock 2014


rangeman red watch g-shock Gulfman GW9110RD-4, Rangeman GW9400RD-4,

rangeman g-shock 2014 red white casio dw6900mf-4


red rescue g-shock men tekubiquityFor those of you who may be enamored by the rich red with black dial, but don’t want to spend the bigger bucks, two watches that are still available are pictured below. The GWX5600C-4 (around $120)and the GA100B-4 (around $100). Also included are the DW6900MF-4 ($75), the GA100C-4 ($90), and the G7900A-4 ($80)

dw6900mf-4 men in rescue red

ga100c-4 g-shock men in rescue red white watch

ga100b-4 men in rescue red white black watch g-shock

gwx5600c-4_red_g-shock watch timepiece classic square

g7900a-4 g-shock watch red white rescue men

fire plug g-shock tekubiwuity dog pee“From the Master of G Series intended for use under harsh conditions, continue to function evolution, “MEN IN RESCUE RED (Men In Rescue Red)” appeared color theme model. Base color red is the color of the brand G-SHOCK, adopted a color scheme of red × white which is used in aircraft and special vehicles to be active in harsh field. The face design and fearless that they treat the black dial and a liquid crystal, the buttons and the like, and I expressed the strength and toughness Spirit. Base model of the last Garufuman resist structure. g-shock rescue red watchesIntroducing expressed in color Heated mind to confront the harsh environment of the “Men in Red Rescue”. , 6 multi-band that receives the standard radio six stations the world (Japan two stations, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany), automatically corrects the time – Tough Solar last resist structure strong in rust tidal information of the area was-set put out the fire a g-shockTide graph seen Moon data to understand the age of the area was set-” accornding to the Japanese product announcement for September, 2014.

Gulfman GW9110RD, Rangeman GW9400RD-4, Mudman GW9300RD-4 , men in red rescue, red white, multiband atomic, tough solar, september 2014, casio g-shock watch, carbon fiber, titanium, gwx5600c-4, ga100b-4.dw6900mf-4,ga100c-4, G7900A-4

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  1. I would like to purchase in bulk let me know how im in los angeles lookin for free shipping my phone number is 424-223-3652

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