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November 2011 – New Japanese G-Shock

G-shock ga-111dr-1a ga-110fc-1a ga-110fc-2a ga-200-1a ga-201-1a AWG-M500KG-3AJF GW-6900KG-3JF GW-7900KG-3J GW-M5610KG-3JF
New in November 2011 for Japanese release:
Dee & Ricky GA-111DR-7AJR, limited edition ani-digi
GA-110FC-1AJF and GA-110FC-2AJF, new colorways
Army Green series with solar and atomic GW-6900KG-3JF, AWG-M500KG-3AJF, GW-7900KG-3JF, & GW-M5610KG-3JF
Ani-Digi in black, GA-200-1AJF & GA-201-1AJF
Parra limited edition, DW-5600PR-4JR
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