30th Anniversary Special Editions – Rising Red

30th anniversary g-shock, rising red, frogman, mudman, eric haze, dw6930a, g9330a, gf8230a, gwm5630a
All the watches in this group are a distinctive rich red (looks like blood) with gold (and black) highlights and all have engraved 30th Anniversary designation (logo design by Eric Haze) on the casebacks. jump –>

For the plebeian G-Shock fans. The DW6930A-4 will retail for about $120. and the GWM5630A-4 will sell for about $170. The slightly more upscale Mudman G9330A-4 will sell for around $220. and the standard-factor Frogman, GF8230A-4, will cost about $500.

dw6930a-4 g-shock rising red 30th anniversary

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At the top of the pile, the new Frogman sports Atomic and Solar features and comes in a titamium case. Other blogs report the price will be about $1,700.g9330a-4 g-shock 30th anniversary rising red mudman

Investor Alert.. as has been stated before, even though Casio makes it look like the products are going to be in general distribution with plenty of stock to go around, the warning stands; don’t take it for granted that you can get these products any old time you please. We’ve seen items like these sell out instantly. These are a special edition which means limited production which often means, here today, gone later today. And, if you have any doubt, look up “g-shock 25th” “eric haze” or “ga110” in eBay.eric haze anniversary g-shock

Casio says, “The first three watches in the upcoming series of 30th anniversary models feature the G-SHOCK red brand color. The vivid red inspired by the rising sun highlights and distinguishes these watches. Gold detailing in the LCD and lettering as well as gold ion plating on metal parts such as the back plate and screws give the watches a glamorous look suitable for the 30th anniversary celebration. Each of the new models recalls the design and functionality of different popular G-SHOCK models of years gone by.” gwm5630a-4_g-shock limited special edition

So as to confuse and muddle the market, Casio is also releasing a special GA110 collaboration piece designed by Eric Haze which also celebrates their anniversary. This blogger highly recommends this collectible item and rates it “extreme” investable. With a SRP of only 18,000 Yen, it’s irresistable!atomic solar frogman special limited edition

It has been established (several times over the last five years) that Eric Haze is good for G-Shock business. His design style is straightforward – almost simple – but dramatic and street stylish in a way that the G-fans appreciate. Here’s a video from YouTube that captures Haze’s low-key demeanor and shows how clever his understated fashion sense truly is.

Here’s a picture of the GA110EH-8A from the recent 30th Anniversary event in New York
ga110eh-8a 30th anniversary show New York

For a really good look at this series, more larger pictures, descriptions, and specifications can be viewed by clicking here.

gac110 review new 2012 wrist watch spot
ga110eh-8a eric haze g-shock collaboration x 2012 collectible 30th anniversary special edition

UPDATE – September 7, 2012
Without being specific on dates, Casio’s press release indicated this entire series will be available in the US, the less expensive ones at Macy’s and Bloomindales (etc.) – the Frogman and Mudman will be even more limited distribution, which Casio has not announced. In his statement, Shigenori Itoh, Chairman and CEO of Casio America, Inc. used the term, “limited edition,” which is Casio-speak for “there won’t be many and they won’t last very long.” This blog’s advice, if you are interested in acquiring any of these watches is to start making calls to the various outlets and/or check with the guys on watchuseek.com in the G-Shock forum.

watchtanaka.com provides a detailed look at the Frogman and the commemorative packaging in the following video..

Here’s their video of the stunning 5630..

Bound to be a hit, the special edition Mudman is shown below in all its glory as only watchtanaka.com can do..

Finally, the 6930 is shown with pachaging
thanks to watchtanaka.com for these excellent video clips.

Also of interest: Initial Blue series, the second series commemorating the 30th Anniversary is being released in January: Click below
initial blue g-shock watches special limited edition eric haze

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