Aviation Series G-Shock Watches

ga1000 g-shock aviation compass 2014
Casio has hit on a winning formula and they are running with it. All analog dial (you know, sweeping hands, subdials, and, except for the newest model GA1000 and a couple of the older, discontinued models, no digital numeric readouts), round case, thick, chunky, and with lots of nifty features, the Aviation Series (aka, Sky Cockpit, Gravity Defyer, Gravity Master) watches appeal to more prospective buyers than you’d expect. Amazon is doing a brisk business with a few of these products.

Newest and most reasonably priced, the GA1000 series were introduced last year with new, more exiting colorways to hit the streets of Japan in July 2014:
ga-1000_g-shock_2014 red, yellow, black, sky cockpit, aviation series, watch,

ga1000-1a g-shock black, gravity defyer, aviation,sky cockpit

Base model

g-shock ga1000-2b blue watch sky cockpit aviation popular watch

Bloggers pick – one I’d wear

orange g-shock ga1000-4a ga1000-1a roger van wart tekubiquity

ga1000-4a_g-shock_band side view strap
aviation g-shock ga111-4b red watch
gray grey aviation g-shock watch yellow black dial casio 2014
aviation watch g-shock sky cockpit yellow black 2014

tekubiquity roger vanwart neon light ultraviolet ga1000 g-shock watch

Neon Illuminator – Neo Display – GA1000 dial

Other GA1000’s are already available and are pictured below..

GA-1000-2a_backlight_g-shock aviation series compass dial

g-shock_ga1000fc_band side view dial backlight

ga1000-2a_ga1000-2b_g-shock 2013 2014 dial aviation series

ga1000fc-1a_g-shock_aviation series 2013 2014

To understand better how the compass function on the GA1000 series works, some details are illustrated below..ga1000_g-shock_compass instructions diagram details orientation



And Some Others..

For those who have been attracted to them, the wide variety of features and colorways on the many different skus can become a little confusing, and the more you study them the more difficult it becomes to make a choice.
Here are the other Sky Cockpit G-Shock watches that drop in July 2014.
gw-4000r-4a-_g-shock aviation 2014 watch

gw4000-2a g-shock aviation series 2014 blue black watch tekubiquity rogervanwart
gwa1100-4a g-shock orange watch aviation sky cockpit
gwa1100 orange black watch 2014 aviation strap keeper
gwa1100 side view watch 2014
gwa1100fc-1a4 g-shock aviation watch 2014 black orange dial
neo lume gwa1100 g-shock 2014 aviator aviation sky cockpit
gwa1100-1a3 black green g-shock aviation sky cockpit 2014 watch roger vanwart tekubiquity

Since you can’t get every feature in a single timepiece that has ever been developed, there are a few significant differences from model to model that are important to decide right from the beginning. The best place to compare lists of features is Casio’s site. Don’t trust that you will get the whole story from the resellers’ web sites.

But this might help get you started:
GA1000 – Neon lit, Compass, Thermometer, but not Smart Access, Triple G, Atomic or Solar
GW4000 – Atomic, Solar, Triple G, but no Smart Access, Compass, or light
GWA1000 – Atomic, Solar, Compass, Triple G, Smart Access, but no light
GPW1000 – Neon lit, Atomic, GPS, Smart Access, Triple G, Sapphire, but no Compass. See http://wp.me/p1zz65-Nl
GWA1100 – Atomic, Solar, Compass, Triple G, Smart Access, Flyback, Sapphire but no light
FC indicates metal and fine composite resin band, ie better fit and more durable

Of course, there is the issue of fashion. You might be in love with a sporty yellow, in which case the decision is simple. If price alone is going to make the difference you will be looking at the GA1000s. Alternatively, the selection on price becomes one of the more heaavily discounted older models – black is often the best price (black is the always Casio’s base model color, is usually the first to hit the market, and the longest and largest production runs). If you want to have a look at the older models, check out the gallery at http://wp.me/p1zz65-bM

Aviation G-Shocks released in the US during the last year and which are available from most of the major online sources can be checked out at http://wp.me/p1zz65-Hz

This blog has been reporting the roll-out of all the new G-Shock Aviation models as they have been introduced and their progression of technical advancement. It has been a daunting task to keep up. Adding to the confusion, the model numbers are all the same but different. It is like alphabet soup that keeps getting stirred. So, I say, “pick a color, click the buy it now button, and take advantage of the return policy if the watch doesn’t live up to your expectations.”

One last thing.. If you don’t mind spending upwards of a thousand clams and you crave time accurate to the second almost anywhere in the world, the new GPS-Atomic Aviation series watches can  lay claim to being among the most reliably accurate timepieces available. Do you live near a time zone boundary and have trouble keeping track of what time it is while going back and forth? These new aviation-centric watches not only know the time, they know where they are and correct themselves accordingly. Read about them by clicking the image below

gps atomic solar  gpw1000-4 wristwatchspot roger vanwart

Read about G-Shock’s new GPS Atomic watches – click on the image.

As always, most of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them and you may have to use your back button to return to this post.

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