G-Shock DW6900SN – New Colorways, No New Features

DW6900SN-1JF DW6900SN-3JF DW6900SN4JF DW6900SN-7JF
So, once again, G-Shock releases a new series of 6900’s; this one called the “Matt Dial Series” commemorating their discovery of the renowned matte finish. The bezel is glossy and the band is matte; typically mixing the finishes up a bit. Actually, the news is that these watches sport new colorways. And the even better good news is that there are no new features – nothing to confuse color-matching-sneakerheads and collectors who have no use for features anyway.

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These watches are to be distributed in July, but only in Japan, so far as we know. Retail is about $150. Casio has not indicated that these watches are part of a limited edition, so pricing should be reasonable pretty quickly.

This recent video shows examples of all the other current DW-6900 colorways – is your favorite in there?


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  1. C.M

    For release in the US in September.

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