Fake G-Shock Watches


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Proliferation of counterfeit watches is increasing and acceptance of it (amazon, eBay, et al) is abominable. These examples are part of a full catalog of G-Shock look-alikes. These rip-off artists not only do such a comprehensive job of covering all the best sellers, they do so with impunity on a full blown website – features, benefits, pictures, company profile, the works. It is not this blogs responsibility to police this illicit activity but it sure is important to us that none of our readers get sucked into a bad buy. Don’t buy this shit, folks.


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Think yours is a fake?

Should you need to compare your G-shock with known knock-offs, click on the “Mysteries of the Orient” image to the right. We have about 120 examples so far and are accumulating more all the time. Other sources of information about counterfeit products are mygshock.com and watchuseek.com.

dw6900_bape_9_2014 counterfeit knock-off bape 6900fake_g-shock_ga1000 counterfeit knock-off 2014FAKE_G-SHOCK_G-001 knock-off counterfeit jasonh=”500″ height=”722″ />
fake_g-shock_g1400 copy counterfeit knock-off aviation series
fake_g-shock_g7900 counterfeit copy red watch
fake_g-shock_g7900 counterfeit knock-off 2014
fake_g-shock_gw1000_2014 knock-off - aviation series
fake_g-shock_gw-a1100 counterfeit aviation series
fake_g-shock_g8900 WATCH BLACK COUNTERFEIT

fake_g-shock_raysman counterfeit 2014FAKE_G-SHOCK_mudman_1  knock-off counterfeit 2014
FAKE_G-SHOCK_mudman_2 counterfeit 2014
FAKE_G-SHOCK_mudman_3 2014
fake_g-shock_GA100 counterfeit knock-off 2014 yellow watch
aviation_fake_g-shock_2014_ replica counterfeit aviation sky cockpit
fake_g-shock_jason_g001_1 robot replica watch counterfeit
replica counterfeit fake_g-shock_jason_g001_2 knock off watch pink blue
counterfeit replica knock off frogman_fake_g-shock_2014
counterfeit replica g7900_fake_g-shock_2014_3 red orange watch
replica counterfeit orange black watch  ga100_fake_g-shock_2014_3
ga100_fake_g-shock_2014_4 counterfeit watch yellow black knock off
ga-100_fake-g-shock_2014_1 replica watch counterfeit knockoff pink black
ga-100_fake-g-shock_2014_2  fake replica counterfeit watch  package
ga-110_fake-g-shock_2014 replica counterfeit black watch silver stainless steel
replica ga-200_fake-g-shock_2014  counterfeit knockoff watch black red
counterfeit watch black orange  ga-200_fake-g-shock_2014
replica  counterfeit ga-200_fake-g-shock_2014_3black yellow watch
replica watch counterfeit  g-aviation_fake_g-shock
fake g-shock replica counterfeit black watch g-shock
mudman_fake_g-shock_2014  replica counterfeit knock off black gold watch
replica watch wrist gwa-1000_fake-g-shock_2014_ counterfeit knockoff
counterfeit gwa-1100_fake-g-shock_2014_ replica wrist watch black yellow


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8 responses to “Fake G-Shock Watches

  1. Rajesh

    Hi looking go GA 1000 g shock watch

  2. Jayant

    Cost of GA110 plz tell me fast

  3. Bijal solanki

    Whts the price of Fake Gshock watches??

  4. Rozi che long

    How to order G Shock GA-1000

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