Crazy Gold – Gold Crazy

crazy_gold_g-shock_2014, ga110gd-9a, ga200gd-9a, ga300gd-9a, dw6900gd-9 gdx8900gd-9 2014 Well, they finally did it; spun gold from goo. With a new coloring technology and their previously developed metallic paint-like technique, Casio’s resin engineers have perfected a finish that mimics gold in all its sparkling glory. DW-6900GD-9_g-shock_2DW-6900GD-9_g-shock_3 gold crazyDW-6900GD-9_g-shock_4 gold crazy watch 2014   This gold, by the way is not a deception – you know its not gold, the metal, right off. It is a fashion gold and it is golder than gold – truly “crazy gold.” GA-100GD-9a_g-shock_2 watch 2014GA-100GD-9a_g-shock_3 2014 black dial face band strapGA-100GD-9a_g-shock_4 crazy gold watch 2014 roseGA-110GD-9A_g-shock_2 crazy gold 2014GA-110GD-9A_g-shock_3 crazy gold watch 2014GA-110GD-9A_g-shock_4 2014 gold crazy strap band dial face

Mike Hughes gives us a better look at the GA100GD-9A and GA110GS-9A in real life in his unboxing videos below. Thanks again, Mike!
 GA-200GD-9A_g-shock_2 gold crazy 2014 all goldGA-200GD-9A_g-shock_3 gold crazy 2014GA-200GD-9A_g-shock_4 gold crazy watch 2014 Dropping in August 2014, will be six new wrist watch models bedazzling the showcases of Japanese retailers. Aside from the two gold tones (dark yellow and rose), there is no new technology here – each of the watches use standard movements in popular configurations already well established in previous models, and as we’ve seen, in a virtual rainbow of colorways. It is worth noting that two of these watches are the 6900 layout, the GDX (for a quite reasonable upcharge of 15,000 yen) among some other minor subtleties, adds world time, super illumination, a 10 rather than 2 year battery life, and the classier white LED. GA300GD-9A_g-shock_2 gears motif gold crazy watch 2014GA300GD-9A_g-shock_3 gears watch gold crazyGA300GD-9A_g-shock_4watch gold crazy 2014 band dial strap new Also worth mentioning: these watches are designated as “Special” in the Japanese on-line catalog. What this means is not always clear. In some case, evidently, the production will be limited to certain markets – in others, that the models will have a short run and be limited in number and availability. Casio’s marketing is complicated, often obtuse, and seldom fully revealed to us peons in the world of reporting blogs. What we can say (and usually do) is chances are the availability is restrained; the “special” models are not reliably ubiquitous – if you want one, make arrangements to acquire before supplies dwindle. Just sayin’ GD-X6900GD-9_g-shock_2 gold watch crazy 2014 GD-X6900GD-9_g-shock_3 wrist watch 2014 gold crazy rose pinkGD-X6900GD-9_g-shock_4 gold watch crazy 2014 band strap dial face For their 20th anniversary, Baby-G released several commemorative watches of which the model BGD-5020-4JR was included. As you’ll see, the rose gold finish is the same as those above. Very reasonably priced at 21,000 Yen, this watch included solar and atomic and is collectible because it is a “special edition” single production run item. BGD-5020-4JR_gold_baby-g crazy watch g-shock anniversary special limited And going back to September 2013, we see a similar sparkling rose gold finish on the (then) new Baby-G release of the smaller size GA110 G-Shock, the rose tint BA-111-4A and in yellow gold finish, the BA111-9a. These watches were distributed worldwide, but are now mostly sold out. Their success probably accounts for the continued development of the gold finish technology and the bold move to release the Crazy Gold series.BA-111-4A_baby-g_2013 ga110 g-shock watch 2013ba111-9a_2013_baby-g g-shock 2013 watch ADDED AUGUST 2014 An announcement of the new line for women: “S series” which will be hitting the streets of Japan in the next few months, the following image shows the Crazy Gold-like model GMDS6900SM-9 gmds6900sm-9 gold g-shock watch fashion s series By clicking on images, some will enlarge. Use your back button to return to this blog. Please comment, folks – I keep asking for your thoughts, thousands of you visit, but everyone is mute. I need your feedback. I love your likes, I benefit from the theft of my images, the re-blogging of the stuff here and would be complimented to tears if you send any more viewers my way. I work my butt off on this blog and don’t get paid – so my reward is you showing the love. Guest articles are welcome – especially on non-G-shock products. GA-100GD-9AJF 16,000 yen, DW-6900GD-9JF 15,000 yen, GA-110GD-9AJF 18,000 yen, GA-200GD-9AJF 22,000 yen, GA-300GD-9AJF 20,000 yen, GD-X6900GD-9JF 16,500 yen gold crazy crazy gold roger vanwart tekubiquity band strap dial face


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    We all missed you when you weren’t posting much, and we’re glad you’re back on a more regular schedule. 😉

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