Seiko Astron – The Next Generation

seiko_astron_sbxa001_sbxa033, sbxa035
Of the many reasons you are looking at this watch, one could be that you’re considering the purchase of one. You’d want to know that it is a good value, that it addresses your needs aesthetically and mechanically, and you are figuring out which colorway suits your style. this blog post discusses this reason and your selection options.

seiko_astron_sbxa sbxa033 sbxa035 sbxa037 sbxa038 gps watch
As to style, which is well known to be a driving motivation in the minds of most buyers, the Seiko Astron series is “Seiko” style; meaning it looks like a Seiko, make no mistake. I was told recently by a friend that a man only needs a watch or two. To this I said, a man needs a lawnmower maybe two. A watch is not just an timekeeping appliance – it is a fashion statement as well. So for the same reason a man has several suits, he will, if he’s a man who shows his style, have several watches to match outfits as he adorns them. One watch, indeed! Wearing a Seiko says, ” I believe the extra I paid was worth the investment. I own a great watch. I’ll have it for the rest of my life.”

seiko_astron_sbxa035_case gps watch
Seiko makes excellent watches; fit and finish are remarkable, movements (in-house) are proven very incredibly reliable, service is available world-wide, and their reputation is tip-top.

seiko_astron_sbxa001_front dial wrist watch gps
All that said, the next things to consider arethe features and benefits. The Astron watches are mechanically unique right now in that they know where they are and automatically adjust the time accordingly. Someone who travels between time zones a lot will recieve the most benefit from this feature. The Astron watches are solar powered, have a world time function with perpetual calendar, second hand, date window, dual time display and a power reserve display. The brushed and polished to perfection case is stainless, the crown and back are screwdown, the glass is anti-reflective coated sapphire and is domed.

sbxa033_astron_seiko gps watch
A lot of watch wearers like a bulky watch. They’ll very much like this one with its 48mm width, 18mm height, and 138 grams of beefy deadweight.
As to value, that has to be your call. This blogger considers any watch over the amount of a paycheck to be expensive. The SBXA033, SBXA035, and SBXA037 are 225,000 yen. The limited edition SBXA038 is 230,000 yen The special (limited to 1,500 pieces) edition SBXA045 is 300,000 yen.
So to me, yes, these watches seem a little pricy. This blog cannot recommend any of these watches as investments (to hold and resell) and does not consider them particularly collectible. Feel free to comment below if you disagree.

seiko_astron_sbxa045_front special limited edition gps watch
On the other hand, these watches are just about the most accurate personal timepieces on the planet. That’s some serious cachet that for the first time under $3,000 you can own.

seiko_astron_sbxa045_side special limited edition gps watch
For those of you that want to get expert opinions from some semi-fanatic Seiko fans, check the Seiko forum on

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