The Gulfmaster GWN1000

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When I read Joe’s post on I had to smile. It was like a kid on Christmas morning the way he enjoyed his new Gulfmaster watch. I thought I would share some of that post with you all here. But first, here are some things Casio would have you know about this product.
(The following text is properly garbled by the Google translation system, but you will get the points they make if you take your time with it..)

GWN-1000-9A_g-shock yellow watch
“GULFMASTER (Gulf master)” appeared New model based on the assumption, which is one of the most severe natural environment, the use of at sea on the planet. That by the deployment of “Ver.3 + Smart Access Triple Sensor” which is the G-SHOCK’s first information Ranger our crew and that activity even in rough seas and storm is needed on the mission, quickly and reliably displayed I enabled. It has revolutionized the atmospheric pressure measurement function is information that the crew is most likely to want. When there is a sudden change in air pressure due to the approach of storms and cyclones, is equipped with digital display guidelines and in-dial, the pressure tendency Information Function to broadcast the alarm further. In addition, by pointing to numbers engraved bezel second hand of the carbon fiber, the difference between its current value and the numbers of the past pressure measurement time were recorded automatically measured and has also provided the ability to quickly identify changes in air pressure were. Direction measurement, tide graph / age display, temperature measurement function, which is an important information also feature in the event of unexpected addition is an essential function in the mission at the time at sea. Design feel the sea, I was the motif of the compass instruments and vessels. The unified circle shape up to the bezel button bis, I finished to form the clock is hard to interfere with the equipment and rope on board. Also included in the sensor or button light button having an important function, is adopted aluminum composite ring button that was coloring in blue red and supports operation sensuous. A quick locking mechanism to keep the waterproof performance, large crown and realize toughness design and operability. In order to challenge the limit of the sea, played a functional evolution further, it is the appearance of Gulf master. · “Ver.3 + Smart Access Triple Sensor” the G-SHOCK’s first -atmospheric pressure / altitude and direction, temperature measurement function double LED light illuminates the liquid crystal and dial boasts the practicality of-distinguished I raise the fit and new development band mounting structure multi-band to receive radio signals, six stations of the World (2 stations in Japan, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany), automatically corrects the time 6 -needle position automatic correction function – Tough Solar”
GWN-1000-2A_g-shock blue watch

Now, Getting Back to Joe..
Joe aka time4playnow, a member on, posts his initial impressions of his new black Gulfmaster. He provides some perspective on the watches size compared to other watches in his collection and what it looks like on his own wrist. I’m inclined to regard his comments seriously since, as he puts it, he “..wore one G-shock for years, until about 2008. Then got bitten by watch bug, HARD!! Now I have about two dozen Gs!!!”

“New black Gulfmaster arrives!
“Well I’m happy, this new black Gulfmaster (GWN-1000B-1AJF) arrived today! What a great way to start the weekend!
“I haven’t read the manual yet and haven’t even played with it too much yet, but here are my initial impressions:
“- this thing is HUGE – it’s a solid 56mm from one side of the resin to the other, 9-3 (and from sensor-to-sensor at the 10-4 position, it’s 52.5mm); it also has a fairly large case depth (16mm). A good thing I like large Gs!
“(by comparison, the Rangeman is about 54mm from 9-3 from outer edge of resin to outer edge of resin next to crown, about 50mm 10-4 (sensor-to-sensor), and about 17mm deep; and the GW-A1100 is about 52mm 9-3, about 52mm 10-4 (edge of resin to sensor), and 16-16.5mm deep) * FYI – my ‘ruler’ is not digital; it’s a manual-type ruler and pretty accurate, but not as precise as a digital one so all of these figures are approximate.
GWN-1000B-1a_g-shock black and white watch roger van wart tekubiquity
“- even though it’s large, it fits well due to the way the strap meets the case, and it’s very comfortable
“- it’s got a deep dial, which looks pretty cool, and the bezel is polished on the side

gulfman led light illumination night

There is ample light to read everything on the dial

“- I like the little red and blue accents around the buttons on the right side
“- the strap feels like a different type of resin than on other Gs — it’s softer, perhaps more pliable, and very comfortable
“- thankfully, the second hand hits dead-on center on all the minute and hour markers.
GWN-1000B-1B_g-shock black blue white watch
“I don’t know why Casio made the sensor a red color (on the left side of the case), but I like it. I guess if the watch were perfect (for me), the tide graph would be digital, and it would also have a digital moon phase graph rather than just a numeric age of the moon. But nothing is perfect, I guess!
“I liked the blue bezel model that others have picked up, but I decided that you can’t go wrong with basic black.. And in case any of you are wondering, my wrist is 7.25.
“I’m digging this one, very glad I picked it up. Enough talking, on to the pics!”

on the arm gulfmaaster gwn1000b-1 gshock g-shock tekubiquity

On Joes arm

gulfmaster to rangeman compare size

Compare Gulfmaster to Rangeman

Compare Gulfmaster to Rangeman - side view

Compare Gulfmaster to Rangeman – side view

Compare Gulfmaster to the King

Compare Gulfmaster to the King

Gulfmaster case back gwn1000 g-shock

Gulfmaster case back

Thank you Joe for sharing your impressions.

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