yolandi_visser_baby-g  BGA151-4B, BGD500-3, BGA180-2, BGA151-4B, BG6900JR-4, bga151-3b, ba111-4b2
Casio certainly has good taste in women. Here are a few of the female brand ambassadors they’ve joined forces with recently. From sweet to edgy, this blog enjoys them all!
The watches shown below are some of the recent new crop from Baby–G. All have the features we have come to expect from the G-Shock engineers and the colorways are popping outstanding – hands down, the widest selection in the industry. “Tough Cool Cute”, they say, and we guess they mean that for both the products and the celebs.

ba111-4a2_baby-g_2014 Alistair Guy
girls_generation_baby-g_2014 BGD-5000K-4, love the sea and the earth,i.c.e.r.c.,
bg6900jr-4_baby-g_2014 joyrich special edition
alistair_guy_baby-g BGA151-4B, BGD500-3, BGA180-2, BGA151-4B, BG6900JR-4, bga151-3b, ba111-4b2
BGA-131-3B_baby-g_2014 tekubiquity roger vanwart
BGA-131-4B_baby-g_2014 Pixie Lott, Joy McLaren, BGD-5000K-4
ke$ha_baby-g_2014 brand ambassador tekubiquity rehoboth_roger

“G-LIDE (G Ride)” from, New model active in active in various scenes, including the surf scene comes up is the sports line of BABY-G. The new model BGD-180 digital model of the BGA-180 analog model. Coloring adopted red and neon yellow and blue that are used in many skateboard and cap. The flair of the 90’s fashion and finish it in a sporty design that seems to BABY-G. The mounting lugs protection made ​​of a fine resin material ※ The band, as well as the point of the design, and has realized the new impact structure to mitigate the impact from the rear surface. BGA-180 is equipped with a realization of the tide graph function to analog watch for the first time in BABY-G. When the time display mode, the small hand at 9 o’clock the image of a surfboard, guided by the tidal information at all times. In addition, the user only needs to press the button on the 4:00 position, subsequent to it indicates the state of the tide of every hour, you will have a good idea of the tide of information easily. The index has been adopted 3D index to improve visibility. The band representing the texture of 3D as an image of active sports. It is the New G-LIDE that in the design to play an active part in the wide scene, had functionality corresponding to the surf scene in earnest. Tide graph tide information of any date can be seen ※ fine resin special resin material with excellent wear resistance, discoloration is also unlikely to occur is hard to be damaged. Lightness, which is also the properties of the resin I also I have both. 15,000 yen (bga), 12,000 yen (bgd)
love_bgd-5000k-4_baby-g buy the watch, save the world
BGD-5000K-4_baby-g_box 2014
BGA-180-2_baby-g_1_2014 special limited
BGA-180-2_baby-g_2_2014 Yolandi Visser, Alistair Guy, Pixie Lott, Joy McLaren2

Casual watch for women active, BABY-G has celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Second series of anniversary model in commemoration of the 20th anniversary comes up. A useful feature to be able to rely on for women to play an active part in active all over the world, line up the BGD-5020 and BGA-1320 Multi-Band 6 Solar radio equipped this time. Incorporating the fashion taste of the 90s BABY-G was born, BGD-5020 is a digital model of a classic square face. But colors in pink gold each model, we femininity and pomp befitting memorial to year. Two stars that celebrated the 20th anniversary of the trajectory on the dial and the back cover has been treated, I have to produce a special feeling. To celebrate the memorial of the Year after time of ’20, is the emergence of BABY-G. 6 multi-band to receive radio signals six stations of the World (2 stations in Japan, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany), automatically corrects the time – Tough Solar Water pressure – 20 function 21,000 yen

vashtie_baby-g_2014 beauty style sexyFrom casual BABY-G watch for women active, New model “Jelly Marine Series (Jerry Marin Series)” of adding a cool accent at hand of hot summer comes. The case and band, I employ skeleton material matte-like texture of ice. I have representation and images, such as the tropical beach resort, the cool of the appearance. The color choice which is incorporated many other pink or blue, in resort wear, color ring is gorgeously the hand of women. Combination of the dial and black index of multi-colored, has become a casual style with the sense of fun suitable for adult women. It is the appearance of the New BABY-G for women who spend a summer active. Neon Illuminator 13,500 yen
BGD-500-3_baby-g_2014   BGA151-4B, BG6900JR-4, bga151-3b, ba111-4b2BGD-5000K-4
tori_kelly_baby-g_2014 city lights design fashion

And G-SHOCK evolving to pursue a toughness, from BABY-G, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, it inherits the design gained immense popularity in the 1990s wearing a protector, BGD-501 and DW-D5600P appeared. Now that the fashion of the 90’s has been attracting attention, and DW-5600ED series, which debuted in 1996 evolved as the first G-SHOCK DW-5000C, the design of the first model DW-520 series of BABY-G, reprinted. Form design equipped with a protector became popular among young people prefer extreme sports, street fashion scene in the 1990s, and it has been supported for a long time. Line up in the new color while faithfully inherited the form-classical design, to play an active part in the casual scene of current black white gray blue. It is the appearance of the New basic model the latest fashion trends and classic design, with the DNA of the first model is fused. 10,000 yen

joy_mclaran_baby-g g-shock tough cool cute
Casual watch Baby-G for active women will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2014. A special model to commemorate the beginning of the 20th anniversary, “Baby-G 20th Anniversary Series” BGD-500 appeared. BGD-500 reproduce the design of the first model of the DW-520 Baby-G. Was fitted with a wire protector to soften the shock to the classic square face of eternity, it is the design which is reminiscent of the 90’s debut. Characters arranged on the dial center bottom of the “G” is also, I have faithfully reproduced the logo that was used in the first model. As a symbol of the rich colors, which is one of the attractions of Baby-G, black is the brand color of turquoise blue, “G-SHOCK” was also used in “DW-520”, color is used in the initial limited edition Line-up 3 model adopted in each of the yellow was. Even while following faithfully the design of the first model, waterproof performance has been improved to 20 from 10 water pressure water pressure. Box that the two stars to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the trajectory and character of the “20th Anniversary” was engraved, produce a special feeling more. Tell the beginning of the Year of the memorial Baby-G which has passed through the time of ’20, it is the appearance of BGD-500. – 20 atmospheric pressure waterproof function . 11,000 yen

pixie_lott_baby-g 2914tough cool cuteBA111-4a2 – This new street fashion neon color is the latest addition to the popular BA110 Series. The dial of this model is basic black, accented with orange to match the band and case color. Layered construction creates a multi-dimensional design that is accented by the use of various types of materials. The sizes of these watches are designed to fit the feminine wrist, while maintaining plenty of eye-catching appeal. Shock Resistant 100M Water Resistant LED Light 1/100th Second Stopwatch $120. us

Casio Baby-G has struck fashion gold with its newest designer collaboration partner, L.A. street wear brand, Joyrich! Coupling Baby-G’s fierce and fashionable aesthetic with Joyrich’s notoriety as wearable art, this women’s watch is poised to send wearers on a “wild ride!”

Joyrich, a label made famous for its own creative collaboration of Japanese street fashion mixed with the relaxed, carefree vibe of Los Angeles, lends a great vision and spirit to Baby-G’s collaboration portfolio with this model. Pink digital watch with leopard print resin band and gold mirror face. Shock Resistant 200M Water Resistant 1/100th Second Stopwatch $110.


Descriptive text above is quoted from Casio (some translated from their Japanese web site) and product descriptions. Images belong to their respective owners – this blog makes no claim of ownership or authorship – just relaying the news, bunky

yolandi_visser_baby-g_2 new special limited  BGA151-4B, BG6900JR-4, bga151-3b, ba111-4b2

When Casio announced in August, 2014 their new branding; S-Series G-Shock, they did so visually in a most compelling way. I enjoyed the photography so much that I really had to share..
6-watches_s_g-shock s-series women style
camo-white-top s-series g-shock watch women fashion
model_s-series_g-shock new women 2014 watch g-shock
pink-face_g-shock_s-seriess 2014 pink watch g-shock
pink-face_g-shock_s-series watch 2014 fashion

Pictures above are property of Casio, Casio USA. Great studio work, guys!
Yolandi Visser, Alistair Guy, Pixie Lott, Joy McLaren, BGD-5000K-4, love the sea and the earth,i.c.e.r.c., tori kelly, vashtie, girls generation, Die Antwoord, BGA151-4B, BGD500-3, BGA180-2, BGA151-4B, BG6900JR-4, bga151-3b, ba111-4b2,new 2014

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