Commemorating Nothing – DW-6900ZB

g-shock dw6900zb, zebra pattern camo fashion
Not in collaboration, nor in celebration, and not for any other reason than CAMO is popular right now, Casio recently distributed a DW6900 with Zebra theme camouflage pattern in four colorways.

A fashion release that is eventually bound to become a somewhat rare novelty – this watch in good condition with original papers and package will eventually prove to be a worthy investment. Pre-release, retrailers got off to a good start with the price of this watch at USD $199 which is about $50 over the MSRP of 15,000 yen. Good news however for those of you who want to get this into your collection, as of right now is shipping these for $130. and on Amazon and eBay they have been spotted for as low as $85.
g-shock_dw6900zb-2_2014 zebra camo watch
g-shock_dw6900zb-3_may 2014 zebra camo green watch classic
g-shock_dw6900zb-8 zebra pattern camo black white gray grey watch
g-shock_dw6900zb-9 camo watch tan beige yellow zebra pattern
dw-6900zb-3_g-shock_02 close up detail zebra pattern camo
dw6900zb camo zebra g-shock casio fashion


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