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red bull edifice 2012 vettel webber eqwa1200rb
. Sebastian Vettel’s first place wins in the Formula One circuit have put him at the top – he is the current champion and Casio has commemorated that lofty title with a new flagship Red Bull branded Edifice watch that is certainly a champion in its own right.
. At 75,000 Yen (current exchange rates to USD make it about $750) it is actually a decent value. And it is a collectible limited edition piece that would make any collector proud to add to his display case. I like the watch and rate it a good investment.
eqwa1200rb-1 edifice casio red bull limited edition
. Hitting the high points that distinguish this product from the previous Red Bull limited editions and the other watches in the line are the subtle but significant features that are detailed below.
. The Edifice EQWA1200RB-1A is solar powered and “Atomic” radio controlled meaning that it never needs new batteries or winding and it resets the time itself every day. Once the city and the date have been set, the watch will self-correct for daylight savings and the full-auto calendar will correct for the different number of days in each month.
edifice smart access solar atomic g-shock tough
. You would expect the day and the date, but this watch even shows the month – almost weird on an analog watch.
. The exterior parts are all stainless steel and aluminum and the crystal is anti-reflective coated sapphire; the most scratch resistant material available.
The newest innovations from Casio (that have also recently appeared across their other product lines) include the compass function which will continuously display north using the carbon fibre second hand and the “smart access” crown that makes it easier to control several of the watches functions.
formula one racing mark webber vettel
. Appropriately (for a race themed wrist watch), this piece has a somewhat sophisticated stop watch that allows the recording and display of up to ten lap times and can also display the fastest of them.
casio edifice eqwa1200rb-1 2013 limited edition
edifice 2013 eqwa1200rb special edition
. Other features include countdown timer, world time and a single alarm. Since the display is all analog, all of the above features use various combinations of the five hands in the three dials and are controlled using the three buttons and the crown. One can’t help but be impressed by all the whirling about on the dial as the hands re-position between settings. Despite Casio’s attempt to simplify the many functions, it is still a daunting series of multi-pushes and crown revolutions to get each of these jobs done. If you like puzzles..
. Fortunately, Casio has published, on line, a series of short videos that explain (in English) each of the operations.
edifice special commemorative package limited edition eqwa1200rb-1 2013
. And if you are wondering why a Casio watch would set you back the better part of $800, just watch the video below to get an idea of how serious a product the “value-added” Red Bull Limited Edition EQWA1200RB-1 really is (based on the new Edifice EQWA1200).


edifice x red bull 2014 EFR-534RB-1A EFR-537RBK-1A

click the image above to read about the latest Red Bull X Edifice collaborations

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