Crazy Colors, G-Shock 2013

crazy colors g-shock 2013 dw6900sc g8900sc
They are colorways that are combinations of hue, shade, saturation, and finish that have not been seen before and they are a legacy concept (often labeled as Hip-Hop, American, and Street fashion) from the Casio think tank. Regularly, we’ve been treated to wild new products, from bizarre to beautiful, that always causes us marvel at both the audaciousness and creativity for which the G-Shock team is renowned. They not only follow fashion, they constantly re-invent it. Crazy Colors is an ongoing avenue on which Casio travels to bold new places.






g8900sc-6_g-shock. crazy colors 2013,





This month’s new (Japanese market) releases continue the Crazy Colors tradition with six vivid new colorways on two venerable platforms, the 6900 and the 8900 series watches. Technically, there is nothing new to announce – it’s all about the colors. Period.
dw6900sc-1, dw6900sc-4, dw6900sc-7, dw6900sc-8, g8900sc-4, g8900sc-8, g-shock crazy colors, new release, july 2013, stars, metallic, casual street scene fashion, hip-hop. Credits: images are mostly from Casio. Backlight pictures are from Watch-Tanaka. All images edited by Roger.


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