Garish, Metallic G-Shocks ..Whatever GA200SH and G8900SH

ga-200sh, ga200sh, g-shock watches, 2013

Well, yes, it is a little confusing. What has been released in Japan (January 2013) as Metallic Colors is being labeled in the USA market as Garish Colors. Adding to the mystery of their series naming, Casio released a set they called Garish Black, back in May 2012 that were hardly what we’d consider garish and are not at all cosmetically related to this new series. But what’s in a name, anyway?

What we have here, five new watches in the “Classic” category (collection), coming to the USA market any minute are products that are fill-in colorways in the GA200 series and the venerable G8900 series with the nomenclature designation “SH” which signifies their bands and cases are sparkly metallic with a “semi-glossy” coating (according to Casio International) and therefore “Garish.”

G8900SH-1_g-shock watch 2013, garish metallic

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G8900SH-1_g-shock 2013 watch new garish metallic

new 2013 watch garish G8900SH-2_g-shock

G8900SH-2_g-shock watch 2013 garish

GA200SH-1A_g-shock new

GA200SH-1A_g-shock new watch 2013 garish analog digital

GA200SH-2A_g-shock new 2013 metallic garish watch

GA200SH-2A_g-shock garish USA 2013

GA200SH-8A_g-shock new watch 2013 garish

GA200SH-8A_g-shock 2013 new watch garish metallic

ga200sh_g-shock_2013 garish watch

The analog-digital GA200SHs will retail for $160 and the all-digital G8900SHs will be priced at $110. The distribution of these products is slated to begin soon in G-Shock’s fashion and jewelry tier and where they are typically available for actual purchase for as long as a day or two. Don’t dispair; if you want one, there is usually a way.

Here’s a video (below) done by myrwatchesvideo ( on Youtube showing the GA200SH-8 gray watch. If you want to see the blue or red ones in the same video format, click them in the Youtube sidebar.

GA-200SH-1a GA200SH-1a, ga-200sh-2a ga200-2a, ga-200sh-8a ga200-8a, g-8900-1 g8900sh-1, g-8900sh-2 g8900sh-2, garish, metallic, classic collection, new 2013 g-shock watch


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  1. Casio has done a good job with these new G shocks they feel a bit heavier than previous models and the build quality seems to be better as well.

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