Metallic Colors Series G-Shock Watches GA-200SH-1A, GA-200SH-2A, GA-200SH-8A

g-shock, ga-200sh-8a, ga200sh-1a, ga200sh-2a
These, just released in Japan, large, analog-digital, antimagnetic watches are all about the metalic finsih resin case and strap and bold color dial details.

As are their popular siblings; GA100, GA110, GA120, GA150, and GA300, these new models are not equiped with solar charging or radio timesetting. And similarly, they are (or will be or should be) in the general price range of around $150 in the US market.

Prior to these three models, the first year GA200 series was limited to conservative white detailing in black or gray with silvertone, rose gold, or blue bezels. So, even though there is nothing new about the watch’s tech to report, it’s good to see more colorful options on their way to market.

GA200SH-1A_g-shock watch, ga-200sh-1a

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GA200SH-1A_g-shock watch, ga-200sh-2a

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GA200SH-1A_g-shock watch, ga-200sh-8a

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G.P.P.R., a popular new fashion company that leans heavily toward the military style, embraces the G-Shock line in general and features a GA200SH-2 in particular in the following G-ShockUS video.

In the following video by Siam-naliga, we get a better look at the blue and the red versions of the GA-200 and even a quick glimpse of the watch’s backlight in the dark.

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