G-LIDE GLS100 Winter Sport G-Shock

g-shock g-lide gls100 cordura winter sport extreme

Casio’s coming G-LIDE series, GLS100, is new product designed tough for use in harsh winter conditions with timing features useful for competitive sporting.
g-shock_g-lide_gls100-7 winter sports googles snowboarding
These moderately priced watches have a new look, which Casio tells us is inspired by sport goggles, and will be available initially in four colorway options. Two of the watches (khaki and black/green) will have CORDURA® straps and two (black-blue and white) will have synthetic leather straps. The GLS100 products are distinguished by their extreme resistance to cold temperature (-20 degrees Celsius) and extra visible digital readout which at night benefits from Casio’s “super-illuminator” LED with after-glow.
gls-100-1_g-shock extreme winter sports snowboard cordura low temperature watchgls-100-3_g-shock g-lide extreme snowboard low temperature watchgls-100-5_g-shock g-lide g-ride extreme sports winter low temperature watchg-lide gls-100-7_g-shock casio extreme sport low temp watch
Other features of note: G-Shock’s trademark water resistance to 660 feet and extreme shock resistance, double stopwatches with split, countdown timer, five alarms (one with snooze), 12 or 24 hour (military) time display, full auto-calander with day and date, and battery life of three years.

First release of this series will be in Japan (November 2012) with a price of 13,500 Yen. This blog expects that this watch will find it’s way into general distribution and will be available in the USA for around $100.

g-shock_gls100_g-lide extreme winter sports watch cordura

g-lide_g-shock_2012-3 new surfer watch winter sports dope

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