Commemorative ProTrek PWX-8000T

new 2012 manaslu protrek pwx-8000t casio watch
It took him 17 years to realize his goal of climbing all the top 14 peaks (over 8,000 meters), including Everest, K2, and Kanchenjunga. protrek manaslu 2012 casio new watch price pwx-8000tOf the thirty people to accomplish this rather amazing feat, Hirotaka Takeuchi is the first Japanese mountaineer to do so. To commemorate the achievement, Casio will be distributing a collaboration watch (limited to 300 units) on October 13, 2012. This timepiece is designated as model PWX-8000T and it is based on their new ProTrek flagship model PRX-7000T with some special added elements: colored hands and custom caseback and clasp. The price for this special edition is 147,000 Yen (approx. $1,900 USD).

pwx-8000t protrek manaslu new watch collectible price casio
pwx-8000t protrek 2012 new casio watch price manaslu
Check out this video (below) of Hirotaka training for his last climb. His style of climbing, without a lot of extra equipment and oxygen is brave and reckless, but there’s an admirable athletic purity to it as well.

For more information about the mechanics of this watch, click the link below.
manaslu pwx-7000t casio watches new line 2012 price compare

And it seems that as fast as these products can be reported on, get ahold of the real thing and gets a video posted. I am grateful beyond words for the work that does to help us all get such a close look at these products that are often so rare.


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2 responses to “Commemorative ProTrek PWX-8000T

  1. Igor Sutek

    Where I can buy PWX-8000T-JR
    How much cost …. £ please

  2. من احلى الساعات في العالم

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