Crocodile Texture G-Shock DW6900CR

crocodile_textured_dw6900 g-shock watch dw6900cr-1 dw6900cr-4 dw6900cr-7
Well, evidently, Casio is still tinkering with their resin molds ’cause they are about to release the new crocodile textured G-Shocks (nick-named “the reptiles” by Casio) that they claim they can now produce because of some new technology.

g-shock_crocodile_2012 texture watch

Introduced at the recent G-Shock 30th anniversary event.

The watch for this profound upgrade is the cutting-edge DW6900 and they will go right to the edge of the cliff with the introduction of this bold and bodacious horological experiment in black, white and green. And if a little is good, a lot is better: the textured pattern runs right up the band, over the case, under the lettering and right past the bezel to the glass. Takes my breath away.

crocodile_-g-shock_dw6900cr-1 texture watch digital black & gold

click the pic to enlarge

crocodile_g-shock_dw6900cr lizard reptile new watch price 2012
dw6900cd-1 reptile g-shock  lizard crocodile new watch price 2012
dw6900cd-7 reptile g-shock  lizard crocodile new watch price 2012
dw6900cd-3 reptile g-shock  lizard crocodile new watch price 2012

UPDATE October 2, 2012 – Casio announced that this watch will become available at, Macys, bloomindales, and some other retailers in November, 2012 for $150. One has to wonder if the reptile pattern on DW6900s is worth the extra $50. What do you think?

gac100 dw6900cd big pics pictures link to huge images

Click to go to extra large pictures of
crocodile textured G-Shock watches

Or, take a look at the video of the green reptile G-Shock in high resolution

And, as you can see, the special texture is less evident on the white model. To this blogger, the reptile skin look in the gloss finish serves to further exaggerate the chunky, plasticy cheap appearance of the watch.

No crocodiles were harmed in the production of this watch. They will start to ship in Japan in October 2012. Poll: Which watch would you give Robert Pattinson to wear to an awards dinner?

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