Collaboration Station

2012 g-shock watch collab x collaborations dgk bape in4mation maharishi
A good year for G-Shock fans, 2012 is loaded with excellent collaborations that span the product mix with myriad colors and fashions.
Maharishi GA110MH-7A
maharishi GA110MH-7A 2012 g-shock collaboration sjors mygshock
This GA110, white with black printed designs on the strap is signature “Maharishi” and is well worth acquiring for your “collectibles” drawer. This product was announced on June 26, 2012 to be available soon in the US for $150 at Macy’s, Tourneau, Tappers, Hamilton, Fashion Time, Altivo, Tilly’s and

June 14, the event was held commemorating the release of G-SHOCK collaboration at the retail store brand model
“Maharishi” in the SOHO area of London.
GA110MH-7A g-shock x maharishi watch 2012 collaborationGA110MH-7A g-shock watch x maharishi 2012 collaborationAn incredibly thorough review of this watch is available on Sjors website

Burton X G-Shock GDF100BTN-1
burton_x_g-shock_gdf100btn-1 collaboration 2012 designer watch snowboard
Snowboard enthusiasts know Burton for their upscale gear – boards, boots and cold weather apparel.
It’s a comfortable fit for them to collaborate with G-Shock on a watch that is equiped with the
technology that is so handy for this winter sport.
The G-Shock model GDF100BTN-1 features altimeter, barometer and temperature readouts.
As always, G-Shock is rugged enough to put up with the harsh rough-and-tumble conditions of a
mountainside sport. Release of this watch is expected December 2012.

UPDATE – October 11, 2012 Casio released details about this edition – in their words, “TOKYO, October 11, 2012 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the limited edition collaborative watch with Burton Snowboards, created to celebrate the G-SHOCK 30th anniversary. This limited edition watch seamlessly merges functionality and style in a way that only Burton and G-SHOCK could.”

“Building on the classic GDF-100 twin sensor watch, the Burton collaborative watch is packed with mountain-friendly features, not only for those who enjoy outdoor sports, but also for anyone who works in harsh outdoor conditions. The new GDF-100BTN-1 is equipped with two types of sensors, one for air pressure and the other for temperature, making it highly practical and functional for use in the great outdoors. The unique, front-facing pressure sensor located at the 9 o’clock position is designed to take in ambient air for barometric pressure readings at the touch of a button and automatically measure atmospheric pressure every two hours. In addition to displaying atmospheric pressure numerically, the watch displays air pressure changes from the previous reading within a circular display located at the 2 o’clock position. The wearer can use this information as a guide to forecast abrupt changes in weather conditions.”

“The watch also converts pressure readings into altitude readings up to 10,000 meters, using atmospheric pressure conversion. Altitude is shown every five seconds for the first three minutes after the start of altitude measurement, and is shown every two minutes after that. Data obtained through the temperature sensor is displayed simultaneously with either the atmospheric pressure or altitude. This allows the wearer to quickly confirm current environmental conditions, making the watch very useful for back-country snowboarding, snowmobiling mountaineering or backpacking.”

“High-brightness LEDs have been used for the display back-lighting, providing greater LCD readability in overcast and nighttime conditions. With other features including world time display with 48 cities, 5 daily alarms, 1/100th second stopwatch, countdown timer and 12/24-hour formats, the GDF-100 offers rich functionality for the world adventurer in addition to shock resistance and 200-meter water resistance.”

“The GDF100-BTN-1 case has a matte black finish combined with glacier blue accents for the detailing and display. A custom, dual-layer synthetic leather and Cordura® band provides additional durability and comfort. The end result is “functional minimalism,” synonymous with Burton back-country design ethos. Additional design aesthetics include subtle Burton logos on the band and an engraved case back featuring Burton iconic logo.”

gdf100btn-1 burton x g-shock collaboration 2012 watch
gdf-100btn-1_burton_2012 special limited edition snowboard casio g-shockgdf-100btn-1_2012_burton g-shock casio special limited edition snowboard

Stevie Williams X DGK X G-Shock G8900DGK-7
g-shock x g8900dgk-7 stevie williams x dgk 2013 collaboration watchg-shock_g8900dgk-7 stevie williams dgk jelly gummi gummy 2013
Casio is set to launch another collaborative G-Shock design with street skater Stevie Williams early part of next year. A sophomore collaboration between the two entities, the DGK x Casio G-Shock G8900DGK-7 Watch features the signature purple accents from Williams’ own DGK (aka “Dirty Ghetto Kids“) skate lifestyle label, on a translucent polymer watch encasement. To feature packaging specifically designed for the special edition along with matching skate deck from DGK, the watch will be available January 2013.
dgk x g-shock boards collaboration watch 2013 stevie williams
DGK x Casio G-Shock G8900DGK-7 Watch – Casio G-Shock 30th Anniversary Edition
– Water Resistant – Up To 20 Atmospheric Bars
– Shock Resistant
– Multi-time – Instant Display of 4 International Time
– World Time – 48 International Cities
– Stop Watch Function
– Multiple Alarms
– High-Brightness LED Backlight
– Custom Designed Packaging
– DGK/Stevie Williams Imprinted Band
g8900dgk-7 x g-shock collaboration watch stevie williams
stevie williams dgk x g-shock collaboration watch 2013g-shock_g8900dgk-7_2013 jelli jelly gummi gummy dgk stevie williams collaboration watch

Martin van der Horst X Fashion East X G-Shock GA110
martin van der horst x fashion east x g-shock ga110 collaboration watch
martin vavn der horst x fashion east x g-shock watch collaboration 2012

martin van der horst x fashion east x casio g-shock collaboration watch 2012

click enlarge

As first reported by HYPERBEAST in June, Fashion East with Maarten van der Horst collaborated with G-Shock to produce a very colorful GA110 that they offered for £250 GBP at G-Shock East. Martin van der Horst X G-Shock – Fashion East, sponsored by Topshop, who in turn sponsors new designers. It’s a little complicated, but it certainly works for Martin.

Fashion East X Sibling X G-Shock DW6900
Also, a Fashion East, this one with Sibling features a DW6900 watch that starts life in white and is enhanced with a soft green leafy print. It’s anyone’s guess whether it is meant for men or women – maybe one of you readers can tell me?Fashion East x Sibling x G-Shock collaboration watch 2012 dw6900
sibling x g-shock 2012 fashion east collaboration watch

In4maton X G-Shock GLX-150X-7
GLX150X-7 in4mation x g-shock casio collaboration watch 2012 g-lide
in4mation_GLX150X-7 x gshock collaboration watch 2012 glide
In4mation joins up with G-Shock again (this would be their sixth time) to give us a dual-branded white case and strap with black dial surfers’ G-Lide GLX-150X-7JR with a bright red strap-keeper. This model has been announced to be distributed in the US at Macy’s, Tourneau, Tilly’s, In4mation Hawaii, Independent Jewelers, Fashion Boutiques, and

MUDMAN I.C.E.R.C. X G-Shock GW-9300K-3JR
GW9300K-3_2012_mudman i.c.e.r.c. love the sea and the earth g-shock collaboration watch 2012
The highly popular MUDMAN model gets a blast of color in this GW-9300K-3JR “Love The Sea And The Earth” special edition which challanges to “Change the World Yourself.” In both color and function, the watch is very green – solar charging: “EARTHWATCH.” It has a carbon fiber reinforced band, the atomic timekeeping feature (automatic self setting)
and a digital compass to help us find our way in the murky waters or our time.
GW9300K-3_2012_earchwatch g-shock watch collaboration i.c.e.r.c. love the sea and the earth whales dolphins

I.C.E.R.C. X G-SHOCK GWX8900K-3 Love the Sea and the Earth
GWX8900K-3_2012 i.c.e.r.c. x collaboration g-shock watch love the sea and the earth earthwatch
GWX8900K-3_earthwatch whales dolphins 2012 set collaboration g-shock watch
Another collab of “Love The Sea..” is the GWX-8900K-3JR – this one with the I.C.E.R.C.
designation is for the benefit of whales and dolphins conservation education; it’s a bit
complicated but at the heart of it – buy these watches so that the Flippers and Willys
of the seas have a better shot at non-extinction. Anyway, this particular watch sports moon/tide
graph, atomic timekeeping, solar charging and one thing I really like: a big button for
the back-light.
It is being offered as part of a set, his and hers (Baby-G pictured below) slightly mismatched
but collectible and reasonably priced.BGR-3004K_Baby-G i.c.e.r.c. collaboration watch whales dolphins love the sea and the earth earthwatch

BAPE X G-Shock and BAPE Field Watch
dw6900_x_bape_2012 g-shock collaboration watch bathing apedw5600_x_Bape_camo g-shock 2012 a bathing ape collaboration watchbape_x_dw6900_2012 bathing ape collaboration watch g-shock dw6900 dw5600
BAPE offers up two new watches. One is a G-Shock collaboration, a model DW6900 in blue resin and white dial, the other, a BAPE branded “Field Watch” (not a G-Shock) that comes with two fabric bands (olive and blue).
Not much information has been shared with us about these products, but we thought you’d like to have the press release pictures to check out. Also by way of a sorta “back-fill,” a picture is included of the BAPE Camo DW5600 watch that they started to sell around the end of May. You have to hand it to these guys; they take the cheapest low-end models, minimally re-brand them and sell them for premium bucks. And, they always sell out fast! Unbelievagable.
field_watch_bape_2012 military inspired a bathing apebape_watch_field_2012 a bathing ape military inspiredbape_field_watch_2012 military inspired analog bathing ape

Love Power of Fashion DW-5600LP-1
DW5600LP-1 filip pagowski love power of passion japan 2012dw5600lp-1_love_power_2012 pilip pagowski x g-shock collaboration watch
A collaborattive effort between Filip Pagowski, the limited edition ‘Love Power of Fashion’ DW-5600LP-1JR that’s been released to raise funds for Japan’s earthquake release effort. The backlight completes the iconic winking face designed by Pagowski who is known primarily for his designing for Comme des Garçons’ Play.love_power_passion_2012 filip pagowski g-shock collaboration watch

One Piece Monkey D Luffy and Mugiwara Pirates X G-Shock 2012
According to (auto-translated)
“Monkey D Luffy “model” red G-SHOCK has been developed under the concept of “the G a Pirate”,
the clock Mark pirate flag Straw emerge in EL backlight by pressing the G button on the panel,
the back cover is engraved with the smile of Luffy’s hero. The watch band, the name of the design to
reproduce the scene of the first issue of a pirate ship Going Merry Straw,
benefactor of Shanks Luffy Straw Hat Luffy deposit.
To celebrate the release of One Piece G-SHOCK, the “red color” limited glossy, this model,
the clock board is the commercialization of the beautiful mirror finish in the “material mirrored”
by the beautiful one of the few in the normal G-SHOCK be. The height of their beauty and quality,
to attract all the fans One Piece. There are a limited number of production on the relationship
between a special coating specification,
this model is a special limited production 9999 models.”
mugiwara_pirates_monkey_d luffy g-shock collaboration watch 2012luffy_migiwara_g-shock pirates 2012 collaboration watch 2012
mugiwara_pirates_g-shock_2012 collaboration watch monkey luffymonkey_d_luffy_mugiwara g-shock collaboration watch 2012mugiwara_monkey_d_g-shock collaboration watch 2012 luffy japan
“Finally realized the dream of becoming a long-awaited collaboration G-SHOCK fans and One Piece!
“G-SHOCK ONE PIECE” was born here! Gang “G-SHOCK ONE PIECE Monkey · D · Luffy” of super premium models
that are commercialized in Red Color Limited and (Limited quantity), and the model Straw nine “Straw
Hat G-SHOCK ONE PIECE Two (Limited Order) is released at the same time. ” ¦ The aim of bridging human
large treasure! Emergency to the New World with friends! “- Straw – G-SHOCK ONE PIECE Mugiwara
PIRATES” “model Straw” G-SHOCK has been developed under the concept of “the G of Friendship”, the
excitement of Hen Alabaster Press the EL backlight button the face of a clock reproduce the scene of the name.
Bow on the back cover of the Thousand Sunny has been engraved. In the band of the watch, such as Sunny drawn
casually look Straw silhouette of all, from the side has been designed.
Body color is a matte black color that is also fashionable wear for men and women.” This watch is sold out.

poll – what watch will lance armstrong wear now that his situation has changed? which watch would jennifer aniston give to her co-stars?

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