L-Spec G-Shock Athlete’s Lap Watch

gd-110 g-shock lap timer l-spec athlete watch mnm mars rover

GD-110 – L-Spec – Budget G-Shock

Designed for athletes, the new GD-110 watches feature extended chrono functions: multiple lap timer recording and splits. Also they feature super-bright LED lighting. This model is expected to begin distribution in the Orient sometime around October. If they hit the American market they should be in the $90 – 100 price range.

UPDATE – September 7, 2012
In a press release today, Casio has confirmed that this series is slated to hit the big box stores at $99. in October in the US and have added, ” Based on Casio’s advanced wristwatch technology, the new Lap Memory 60 G-Shock has a 100-hour 1/100th second stopwatch, 24-hour repeat countdown timer. The LAP Memory 60 feature lets you store up to 60 records in memory, each record including the date, lap time and split time. It’s the perfect watch for every runner as it serves the purpose of acting as a tool to help achieve their running goals.”

UPDATE: November 2012
These watches have been hard to find in the retail stores, but if you want one you can place a back-order at shopCasio.com for any of the three colorways in this series for $99 plus shipping.


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