Perils of Watch Blogging

scooter moped rental sale rehoboth beach

It’s not so much that there is danger around every bend – that there are dragons to slay and princesses to save when you are a blogger reporting the latest and greatest wrist-worn timepieces.

I go out in the world, retail stores mostly, to check out the newest editions of watches to evaluate their relative merits and values. Prices of these tiny products can run into the thousands of dollars. Values are subjectively justified by subtle esoteric factors such as craftsmanship, name brand, features and composition.

So, where’s the danger? It’s when you are finished perusing the watches, have your internal dollar meter set to “high” and then look at other products that have a much higher ratio of bulk to price level. For instance, last week, researching Father’s Day gift ideas I spent part of a day going through the local selection of TAG Heuer and Movado products – then, on the way home I stopped at a local scooter-moped shop. The brain can’t cope with what it encounters and it takes all the resistance one can muster to keep from slapping plastic on their counter. I mean, really: for the price of one watch, you can get two scooters. Incredibly, at slightly under $3 per pound, these road-worthy, fun and fuel-efficient motorized marvels represent mobility and freedom more than ever before.

moped scooter rental sale rehoboth beach delaware

At Scooter City of Rehoboth, you can rent for as little as $25. And to own one, new scooters start at $899.

I pick up a lot of lip service about Chinese-made products not being “quality” and that our country will suffer economic strife from a building trade deficit. But, in the meantime, here’s a product that is the greenest way to get around town (upwards of 100 MPG), that costs less than $900 to own, does not require a special license to drive, and does not require insurance. In most states scooters are categorized as motorized bicycles, which means that they can be legally and safely driven in the reserved (turning, bus and bicycle) far right lanes that are being instituted around the country.

scooter city rehoboth beach delaware rentals sales mopeds custom

Isaac, the manager of Scooter City, proudly proclaims that his is an operation that is based on service and competitive pricing. “I want people to be happy with us – it starts with having the best deal, and then it’s all about keeping them on the road.”

moped scooter rehoboth beach delaware sales service rentals
Fun and easy to drive. The latest generation of scooters are one-speed (no gear shifting) and are push-button starting. You may suffer the occasional evil smirk from Harley-Davidson riders, but you won’t spend the time and energy they do endlessly shifting gears and clutching at every start and stop – your feet just sit on the ample floor-board and more speed is attained by twisting the right handle grip. For stopping, your brakes are the pull-levers (just like a bicycle) on the handlebars. Easy-peachy.
moped scooter rental sale rehoboth beach delaware

Every scooter is fully assembled and road tested before it leaves the dealership For May and June (2012), Scooter City is including a trunk and helmet at no extra charge with each scooter purchase.

So, go and shop for a new watch. Come home with a scooter. Dangerous world we live in, eh?

This blogger sits at the controls of a three wheel scooter based “coupe” that we might be seeing a lot of on the road in the future. An hour rental will only cost you $40.

custom modification scooter moped rehoboth beach delaware rental sales

Scooter City also offers specialized models such as this “Trike” and can customize scooters with after-market enhancements: engine upgrades, chrome parts replacements, windshields and storage devices.

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