New USA G-Shocks March 2012 ..Whiteout, Blackout & Vintage

blackout_whiteout_vintage inspired g-shock march 2012 new
With all the new colorways appearing in the Japanese marketplace announcements, it’s good to see that some of them will be coming to these shores in the next few month or so. Collectors take note: some of these watches may become rare fairly quickly.

CasioAmerica has indicated that the following timepieces will be released soon and has made available larger pictures of them (click on each image to enlarge – use your back button to return).
DW6900MR-7 g-shock new march 2012WatchTanaka gives us a close look at the Japanese release of this watch (reset your resolution to 1080p and screen to full for best view)
DW6900HM-1 g-shock new march 2012DW6900WW-7 g-shock new march 2012DW6900HM-2 g-shock new march 2012GD100WW-7 g-shock new march 2012Thanks to WatchTanaka for this excellent close look at the GD100WW-7 (switch to 1080p, full screen for best view)
GA120BB-1A g-shock new march 2012DF100BB-1 g-shock new march 2012

Here’s a list of the proposed releases:

The Vintage Colors Capsule Collection
DW6900HM-1 – semi-gloss band, mirrored LCD, distress mirror dial
…will be available this April for $99 at Macy’s, Nordstrom, and
DW6900HM-2 – as above in navy blue, reverse LCD
…will be available this April for $99 at Macy’s, Nordstrom, and
DW6900MR-7 – as above with polished metal light button
…will be available this March for $99 at Macy’s, Nordstrom, and
The Black & White Capsule Collection
..will be available March at Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Tourneau, etc.
DW6900WW-7 – $99 uncharacteristically almost all white (whiteout series)
GD100WW-7 – $99 super illumination (whiteout series)
GDF100BB-1 – $130 altitude, barometer and temp gauge (blackout series)
GA120BB-1A – $130 ani-digi, probably collectible (blackout series)

DW6900HM-1, DW6900HM-2, DW6900MR-7, DW6900WW-7, GD100WW-7, GDF100BB-1, GA120BB-1A, march 2012 g-shock new USA



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2 responses to “New USA G-Shocks March 2012 ..Whiteout, Blackout & Vintage

  1. J A

    Google finds nothing either.

  2. Diathen

    March is almost over and I have yet to see these watches in retail of on any of the listed store websites. Anyone know when the actually US release will occur?

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