G-Shock Investables Alert

g-shock_lover's_collection LOV-11B-1BJR, LOV-11A-7AJR
These sets were announced last year before Casio had some major production setbacks (due, evidently, to flooding of it’s facility).

GA-110LA-7AJF_g-shock ;lover's collection 2011 2012LOV-11A-7AJR_g-shock, lover's collection 2011 2012
baby-g g-shock lover's collection 2011 2012 bga-132baby-g g-shock backlight lover's collection 2011 2012

The Lover’s Collection was written up as a 2011 Christmas Promotion – the engraved case-backs (pictured below) were not changed to reflect the delayed 2012 release. Whats important about these sets is the limited production of unique colorways and the fact that they will become instant collectors items. The GA110 products have appreciated tremendously in all cases where the colorway is other than black. The GA-110LA-7AJF in the white set with the gold hands/gears will be very valuable, very quickly.
G-302LA-1BJF_g-shock lover's collection 2011 2012LOV-11B-1BJR_g-shock lover's collection
baby-g g-shock lover's collection 2011 2012 black
In the black set, the G-302LA-1BJF has a colorway that is much more like that found on Baby-G watches and as such, is unique as well. g-shock_lovers_collectionWhile we might see more of the flamboyant coloring (and layering and black-lighting) migrate from the Baby-G line, we probably won’t see this model/colorway again. Both sets are priced under $400 USD, which is not unreasonable for special edition two-watch packages. Distribution, as announced, is for the Japanese domestic market only – it is doubtful that the products will be officially available elsewhere.
From WatchTanaka we get to see the sets up close (reset the resolution to 1080p and the screen to full for the best view)

LOV-11B-1BJR, LOV-11A-7AJR, BGA-132, G-302LA-1BJF, GA-110LA-7AJF, lover’s collection, g-shock, baby-g,


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  1. Guillermo

    Are they still selling?
    What prise?

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