More New G-Shock

Here are additional examples of new models in the G-Lide, Classic, and ICERC series G-Shocks.

g-shock_GLX-150-2JF G-Lide

GLX-150-2JF G-Shock G-Lide

g-shock_GLX-150-4JF g-lide

GLX-150-4JF G-Shock G-Lide

GW-5610R-1JF G-ShockA better GW-5610R-1JF image has been posted – click here to check it out

GW-5610R-1JF G-Shock

GW-9300K-3JR G-Shock I,C,E.R.C.

GW-9300K-3JR I,C,E.R.C. X G-Shock

GWX-8900K-3JR G-Shock X I.C.E.R.C.

GWX-8900K-3JR G-Shock X I.C.E.R.C.

To see additional watches from the new spring-summer 2012 catalog, click here
to see the Watches that are scheduled to be released Japan in March 2012, click here


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