..its good to be green

A new colorway for an already established ani-digi Protrek.

It will roll in Japan in March 2012


PRW-5100-1BJF_Protrek - click on the piciture for a larger view

Thanks to WatchTanaka for the following clip that shows off this watch – both cosmetics and how to operate the many functions. (reset the resolution to 1080p and the screen to full for the best view)

protrek back PRW-5100-1BJF

the back

Other posts describe this and other Protrek products. click links below:
2012 Feb – Manaslu PRX-7000T Analog, Smart Access
Nov – PRX-2500T-7JF, PRW-5100YT-1BJF
Sep – Gallery, Protrek and Pathfinder pictures
Jul – PRW2500-1, PRW2500T-7, PRW5000Y-1
2011 Jun – PRW-5100G, PRW-2000G


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