Timex Ticks Along – 2012

timex-_new_2012 Intelligent quartz originals grande classic
Timex Modern Originals Grande Classics
Venturing to the Timex’s Canadian web-site, you’ll find some new products that are not offered on amazon.com or even on the American Timex web-site.

Four of the first five standard watches pictured below are not released yet. The movements in these watches are “good-ole-Timex,” but the case size and colorways are contemporary beyond what you usually expect from such a stodgy operation.These wrist watches all “wear” large because of minimal bezels. At $75 each retail, common to them all are the following features:
Indiglo night light
Water resistant to 100 feet
Leather Strap metal buckle
Battery life: 10 years
Case size: 38mm – 42mm
Stainless case and mineral crystal

T2N795AW all light grey-brown

T2N790AW multi-color markings

T2N793AW all black (yellow second hand)

T2N677AW black with tan highlights & strap

T2N346AW all black – 45mm (in stock timex.ca)

Timex Intelligent Quartz Adventure Series
The following watches are not a new form factor, but are instead, new colorways. There is no indication that the technology has been updated. I do like the improved cosmetics, though, and (for now, anyway) the sellers are offering encouraging discounts and free shipping.

Timex T2N739DH IQ Adventure Series

Timex T2N738DH IQ Adventure Series

Timex T2N740DH IQ Adventure Series

For the Intelligent Quartz line, Timex brags of German engineering and Italian design. Works for me. What do you think?

Next – Cheap, Simple, & Dope

Timex T498749J Brown Expedition Military Field (or T498759J gray/olive)
T498749J t498759J timex military inspired field cheap new 2012
A three-hand field watch that is as simple and clean as a watch can get, this one indicates the minutes, zero to sixty, without the added dial-clutter of hour markings. Note that the stainless brushed case finish is a muted gun-metal color and the large crown is machined for easy gripping. Fashionably modern homage to WWII military-inspired style.

Revisiting a Classic

Timex T49825DH Military Chronograph
List $200 — Best price found $149 (classybrand.com Feb. 20, 2012)
I wouldn’t normally report on an older watch, especially not a Timex, but this particular item continues to get a lot of attention in the search engines. Evidently, there are a few of them around in the retail shops and people are doing their due diligence on the product before making the leap. In some ways, this watch is an anomaly in the Timex coral – it has a finish that mimics the much more expensive brands: Black IP stainless 45mm case, buttons, logo’d crown and bracelet – with a lot of machine textured (clous de Paris) details. The rotating coin-edge “slide-rile” bezel (also black) is a nice touch. The chrono function is limited to 30 minutes. It is hard to recommend the purchase of this item given the availability of so many similar alternative products. Timex watches are generally not collectible, certainly not this one, and do not appreciate in value like a few other brands do when a sku becomes rare. On the other hand, if you like this rather macho design and can get one of these in good shape, used, it’s a good value at around $75.timex_t49825dh military inspired chronograph
timex t49825dh side view military style chrono

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