After Christmas Sales – Checkout Code

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Take all that crap back and get what you really want!

Here are a couple worthy vendors who work hard for your money and have some really killer deals right now on the stuff you actually wanted for Christmas. (Click any picture to enlarge – use your back button to return..)

nike yellow, octane orange, nooka yellow/blackSoletron, with an impressive show of Internet savvy, blasted onto the scene with their sneakerhead-centric blog earlier this year and almost instantly surpassed thousands of other life-style blogs with their extensive coverage of music industry news, beautiful babes of the day, timely sneaker announcements and a flurry of articles about fashionable garb, gear and the designers who dream them all up. storm of london green, croton chronograph, tgif hat, nooka sunglasses tikkr glowNow Soletron has rolled out their “marketplace” – a huge catalog of contemporary products that appeal especially to upscale young buyers. elephant print, brush footware, nooka watch, octane watchThe selection is very complete, the price range leans consistantly toward the “affordable,” and the product mix is their own. Buyers on the hunt for the latest in custom shoes, tees, watches, and electronics would do well to include Soletron in their shopping experience.

For a limited time, Soletron is offering a site-wide 10% discount. Use the check-out code “soletron 23” to get your discount.

Watchismo has been covered in this blog before, and for good reason. They have the most interesting catalog of timepiece products on the internet. While they do represent a few higher end product lines, for the most part their vast selection is very affordable. What has additionally attracted this blogger repeatedly are the incredible sales they run regularly and their “daily deal” that is always so very tempting. These guys are watch enthusiasts and it shows in their site: great pictures and descriptions. And they have gone to a lot of trouble to set up the site in a way that helps you find what you want, even if you don’t know what it is: size, price, category, color, brand, whatever. Go check them out. You’ll learn a lot about watches.

Below are a few examples of some current promotions just to give you an idea.


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