Camo & Stealth Fashion for Civilians

militart fashion garb gear tunic hbt war, camo LUFTWAFFE kamikazi bdu 3.11, puma nike gourmet wenger shoes, fossil wenger diesel uhr-kraft odm seiko aeromatic 1912 luminox, l,l,bean TalliaYea, yea, I know. Military inspired fashion is the most overworked segment of all. But there is something organic and self-perpetuating about it. Look back to the ’50s Beatniks who wore their own post WWII and Korean war fatigues (with some pride, as I remember) and then the Hippys (legitimized by the Beatles’ Sargent Pepper era and the need to clothe themselves, top to bottom, for $5 or less – including a smelly sleeping bag at local Army-Navy stores). Plenty of ’70s Punkers and Anti-glam-rockers kept the trend alive until Michael Jackson in the ’80s not only revived the military look, but brought it screaming to a whole new level of hipness, dash, flash, pomp, and regality.

But it’s not just about being fashionable – inherently there’s a healthy portion of practicality ingrained in the military look – extreme durability, low maintenance, lots of pockets for storage, comfort (as in soft and warm), flexibility (mix & match with almost anything), and layering. As to the image: those who manage to wear military right are usually perceived as practical, mature, complex, and competent. Any investment in military style is solid since the stuff never goes out of fashion. In fact the only change of merit in recent years is that the look works better now when the wearer is clean-cut (it can all just revert back hippy-shit when hair is flopping about).

And, we love the stuff – a chance to play dress-up (as in Halloween party, but year-round, anytime the mood strikes) and often to psychologically bolster our own personal mettle to prevail over over the circumstances and challenges we face in this complex 21st century world – military garb and gear gets us ready for anything fate can through at us.fossil_ bq9416 bq9414

The products, pictured and described here, are for the most part not official issued military, but are military inspired. In other words, they are stealthy muted colors, heavier duty-rated, and are fabricated using improved materials with a lot more technology, There are no suggestions here for soldiers, police or any other uniformed personnel – this is all stuff for us “joe shmoes” to don when we hit the streets, go out dancing, tromp the trails or haul out a tool box to fix the car. Military fashion is contemporaneously traditional, functional, and perpetually familiar – in that we find comfort and we always shall.

Click here to check out the large pictures of the latest Military Inspired Fashions

UPDATE February 2012 — Of course there is always a Casio product that can be added to any fashion category – here’s a military inspired ani-digi watch, new in 2012 that will go great with your army garb – thanks to for an excellent look at the limited editon AWG-M100A-3A that was released recently in Japan.

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