Collector Alert – Watch Investables

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Without doubt, Meister watches are pretty cool. They are chunky, solid, heavy and uniquely fashionable – they have their own look and it’s a good one. Most of their special edition colorways are bold and distinctive. This is not a watch line that copies the competition – a Meister LE looks distinctly like a Meister.Special Edition - Grey / Black / Blue style # PR113 $160.00 Stash

Being a somewhat new contender, Meister does not have the gatecrashing rush on their special editions that we witness with a few other “lifestyle” lines. An exception, however, the illist X Tim Lincecum X Meister Prodigy watch sold out in a few hours (probably on the strength of the association of re-branding master, Marc Arsenal, the opening of illist’s third store and a reachable price of $200) which proves that this company can make homeruns. Special Edition - Black/ Purple/ Teal style # PR109 $160.00 Theotis Beasley Signature The special edition game is tricky, but I think Meister will figure it all out. When they do, all the earlier editions will benifit, going into the collectibles-for-real catagory and appreciating in value. And, this is where you can make an early score; grab some of these short-run pieces while they’re still available directly from the manufacturer.

As of this date, December 16, 2011, these models are still available. Click to view large pictures and descriptive information.


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