Teal, Top New Fashion Hue for 2012

Nixon, freestyle, nike, omnia, tom's, vox, supra, alifeEarly this year Nixon began introducing additions across their catalog (particularly watches and belts) in teal colorway combinations. Other manufacturers have followed suit and now there is a healthy selection throughout the industry of teal apparel and accessories.

Nixon time teller p rubber player basis too torino deepdown meddler, Tom's Canvas Desert Boots, vox trooper, arnette highlife aviator, Smith Optics Parallel D Max, Alife Everybody Mid Parachute Sneaker, Uniform wares 100, Impulse by Steeple Gate Men's P12185 Sneaker, nixon newton digital meddler sepang murf, Supra TK Society, Alife Men's Chuck Native Lace-Up Sneaker, The Omnia Sneakers by Circa, Freestyle Shark Classic Analog Gloss WatchTEAL IS TO GREEN WHAT HOT PINK WAS TO RED
Finally, there are enough fashion products available in teal to be able to whip up some really great outfits and here are some suggestions to help you get started. This article does not cover products from G-Shock since they are covered elsewhere in this blog – nor is there coverage of the myriad tees, hoodies, shirts and shorts that have recently become too numerous to list here. Additionally, while you are shopping for teal coordinates, take a look at the new sports apparel – several major teams have embraced teal as the main color for their field gear.

Click here to check out large pictures of new teal fashion drops

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